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Introduce STOVE's Block Overseas Login function

  • 2019.07.08 03:54 (UTC+0)
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Hello, This is STOVE. 

STOVE has checked and detected hacking trial cases from Customer Center. 

To prevent from being stolen from STOVE, We would like to share 'How to use Block Overseas Login' function.

1. Block Overseas Login

- Block Overseas Login function: You can block the access from overseas if you set this function. 

- You can set this function with the following process [Log in > My info > Member info > Security Setting]

Please be aware that STOVE is trying to do best to protect our user's information including E-mail account. 

STOVE will additionally announce if we update more Security functions. 

We strongly promise that STOVE will do our best for your satisfaction. 

Thank you.     

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