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Introduce STOVE OTP Service

  • 2019.07.08 03:49 (UTC+0)
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Hello, This is STOVE. 

STOVE has checked and detected hacking trial cases from Customer Center and other online sites. 

To prevent your account from being stolen, STOVE would like to share 'How to protect your account' campaign.

1. Keep your password in safety.

- You can change your password from [Log in > My info > Member info > Change Password]

- Please set your account and password for different word

- We recommend setting your password at least 6 digits including a special symbol

- You can reduce the possibility of being hacked from change password periodically

- Shouldn't share your password with friends and acquaintance

2. Use STOVE Authenticator

- STOVE Authenticator is the security function that needed to enter an 8-digit random number which could be checked by the STOVE app every time you log in to our service if you set OTP function.

- You can download STOVE Authenticator from Playstore or APP store by searching 'STOVE Authenticator'.
  Also, You are available to Install this app via QR code which is located below.

- You can set this function with the following process [Log in > My info > Member info > Security Setting]

[AOS QR code]

[IOS QR code]

STOVE keeps updating Security functions to protect from the hacking trial.

We promise that STOVE will do our best to build the safest platform in the world.

Thank you. 

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