2019.4.24 STOVE Update
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Update News


Update News

2019.4.24 STOVE Update

Hello, This is STOVE.

Here’s a list of updates as of APR 24th, 2019.

STOVE has reformed the Main page more decently :)
We notify that changes you will encounter from STOVE main page.


■ Common web improvements 

Log-in Area

 - Log-in Area has moved to the upper left side.

 - Log-in and Sign-in Buttons are newly designed to look more intuitive.

 - STOVE provides a button for access to 'My info' and 'Security Setting' from now on.

 - Users can be notified Alarm messages from not only ring Icon located upper right side also 

   left bar from the main  page.

Banner Area 

 - Banner Area is expanded from 1 rolling banner to 6 displaying banners.

 - When you roll over your mouse cursor to the banner located right side, Official Community 

   and Playstore, Appstore would appear.

STOVE Game List

 - Users can find Game list not only "All Games" located upperside also under banner area.

Footer Area

 - Footer area has moved to left sidebar from the bottom side.

 - Operation Policy and Term of Use, Privacy Policy and other announcements would appear on leftside bar.


We will do our best to be STOVE that gives you pleasure with various updates.

Thank you.  

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