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SHAME!!! [3]

  • STOVE24934280
  • 2018.10.05 23:47 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 217

Shame on your whole team! You abandoned the server with the game Supertank, cheaters completely destroyed it. Impossible to play! No admin We players despise you. This is very unpleasant after all investments in the game. We are very sad.

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    2018.10.13 05:56 (UTC+0)
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    2019.01.21 01:33 (UTC+0)
    Hello, This is STOVE.
    First, We REALLY feel sorry for your unsatisfaction.
    We have sent your issue to STR Customer Center.
    If you want to communicate with STR Manager, Please send your inquiry to STR Customer Center.
    Thank you. 
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    2019.02.10 22:20 (UTC+0)
    STR Customer Center does not exist! and if there is a real ******* there!

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