Global Flake Event Notice (2024/07/10 ~)
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Global Flake Event Notice (2024/07/10 ~)

Hello, this is STOVE.

We've kicked off a new global Flakes event as of 7/10 (Wed)!

We're holding the event to help you, our users, have an enjoyable experience on STOVE

with the Flakes you can earn by being an active member of the STOVE community.

Please see below for more detailed information on the global Flakes event!

■ What are Flakes?

Flakes are a currency you obtain whenever you participate in the STOVE community

by submitting, liking, and commenting on posts.

You can use Flakes to participate in various events such as the 100% Guaranteed Prize Lucky Draw Event

and Giveaway Extravaganza Event!

📆 Event schedule

- From 7/10/2024 (Wed) until further notice

💬 How to Participate

 Event 1. Check-In Event

- Click on Receive Today's Flakes once a day on the Flakes event page to receive 100 Flakes.

 Event 2.100% Guaranteed Prize Lucky Draw Event

- Spend 100 Flakes to draw a random prize from a capsule. (Max 30 draws per day)

💬  How do I participate in the Flakes event?

1. Open the Full Menu from the upper right-hand corner of the main page.

2. Click on Event to the right of the Flakes menu.

3. Daily Check-In! > Click on Receive Today's Flakes > Click on Receive on the event pop-up window to receive your reward.

4. Click on Draw Capsule on the event page > Click on the handle on the capsule draw page to receive your reward.

    (Max 30 draws per day)

☞ TIPS for Obtaining Flakes (Link)

💬 Flakes acquisition methods & amounts 

Amount Acquired
Acquisition Limit
Submit a post on a STOVE community or the Lounge
200 Flake
1 time per day
Leave a reply on a STOVE community or the Lounge
30 Flake
5 times per day
Leave a like (heart) on a STOVE community or the Lounge
3 Flake
10 times per day

※ You can earn up to a maximum of 760 Flakes in a single day.
※ Ex) You can submit 1 post, leave 5 replies, and leave 10 likes in the community to obtain the maximum daily reward. (380 Flakes total)

 Please note.

- Only users with full STOVE membership can participate in the event.

- If you participate in an event in an abnormal or unfair manner,

   your participation may be canceled and your prize may be confiscated.

- Flakes earned through the Lucky Draw or Check-In event will be rewarded immediately.

- Indie game coupons won through the Lucky Draw event will be automatically sent to your coupon box.

- This event may be subject to change or termination without prior notice depending on company circumstances.

We look forward to your participation in the Flakes event.

Thank you.

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