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TIPS for Obtaining Flakes [6]

Hello, this is STOVE.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our users for using STOVE.

As we have upcoming Flakes events for our global users starting from July 10 (Wed),

we would like to share some information on Flakes.

"Flakes" are a STOVE currency you can obtain by participating in activities in STOVE communities or the lounge.

Please refer to the details below.

■ What are Flakes?

STOVE currency you can obtain through activities such as writing posts, likes, comments on STOVE communities or the lounge.

■ Obtainable Amount (Maximum 760 Flakes per day)


Amount Acquired

Acquisition Limit


200 Flakes

1 time per day


30 Flakes

5 times per day

Likes (Heart)

3 Flakes

10 times per day

E.g.) In STOVE official community, one can acquire Flakes up to once for posting,
          five times for leaving comments, and ten times for likes (Total of 380 Flakes)

■ Obtainable Community and Lounge Routes

※ Methods to obtain Flakes will be continuously added and reorganized.

STOVE Official Community

Epic Seven Community


STOVE Lounge

■ How to Use 

※ You can check starting from July 10 (Wed).

- Using on the Flakes event page

- My Info > Flakes > Check Flakes history

My Info > Flakes tab

※ Please check!

- Flakes will be provided immediately for community or lounge activities.
   (Please note that delays may occur depending on network conditions.)

- You may already have some Flakes depending on your STOVE community activities.

- The amount of Flakes you can acquire daily will reset at 00:00 (UTC) every day.

- Flakes acquisition limit will reset at 15:00 every day, and if you participate in community activities
   between 15:00 ~ 23:59, you may not be able to get any further Flakes depending
   on the daily maximum Flake amount or acquisition limit.

- Flakes last 1 year. They automatically expire once the expiration date is reached and cannot be recovered afterward.

- Comments or posts that violate the operational policy may be excluded from benefits.

- Flakes are not eligible for refund when the STOVE account is terminated.

You can also collect Flakes from events held in each community or lounge,

as well as from Flake events scheduled for global users. We look forward to your participation.

We appreciate your love and support.

Thank you.

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