CM Flint's Adventure Note: It's all about gaming gears!
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CM Playground


CM Playground

CM Flint's Adventure Note: It's all about gaming gears! [2]

What's up! This is CM Flint.

Today, I wanted to talk about something more casual, and I thought about what to share.

So today, I want to talk a bit more in detail about gaming gears with you all.

Do you like video games?

I enjoy them quite a bit. While some of video games recommend using a keyboard,

many suggest using additional peripherals like game pads.

I consider peripherals quite important when gaming.

I've bought an arcade stick for shooting games and a hitbox controller for getting into fighting games.

However, the biggest expenditure was on the racing wheel.

So today, I'd like to introduce racing wheels by their different levels.

First, let's talk about entry-level racing wheels.

Most of what you’ll find if you search "racing wheel" on online shopping sites like Amazon fall into this category,

typically priced around 100 USD or less.

However, when connected to a PC, they are often recognized as a pad rather than a racing wheel.

 It's good for beginners getting into racing games but lacks the full racing experience.

(Many come with pedals and shifters included... or not.)

Next, we have mid-range-priced models, which include the racing wheel I currently use.

These are generally referred to as 'belt/gear driven' racing wheels.

From this level, they start being recognized as dedicated racing wheels when connected to a PC.

At this stage, you'll begin to see the term 'Force Feedback',

which refers to how much vibration and resistance the wheel can simulate.

 (This is a extremely simplified explanation, so please just take it as a reference!)

 Prices range from 180 USD to 250 USD, and can go up from 450 USD to 500 USD.

(Two representative mid-range-priced racing wheels: Left: Logitech G29, Right: Thrustmaster T150)

Lastly, we have the high-end racing wheels, often referred to as DD (Direct Drive) wheels.

These are for those who are serious about racing games.

Indeed, they offer higher force feedback and come with a much higher price tag.

However, the vibrations of the motors are often too strong for regular desks,

so most users end up purchasing a separate racing wheel stand.

(Products from FANATEC, a leading manufacturer of DD racing wheels. Prices start in the thousands... wow)

I use the Thrustmaster T300rs, which is on the higher end of the mid-range-priced models.

I tend to use things for a long time once I buy them, so I decided to buy a good one from the start!

It's already been almost two years since I bought it.

(The T300rs Alcantara Edition model with the impressive Ferrari logo. Priced around 450 USD, often traded second-hand as well.)

I feel like I wrote a lot today because I was talking about something I love.
Do you also consider peripherals or gears important when gaming?
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

I'll be back with more interesting topics after exploring them!

(Setting off to find the next topic)

Thank you!

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