[Notice] 11/21 (Tue) New Battle Pass Details


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[Notice] 11/21 (Tue) New Battle Pass Details [12]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE.
Hello Masters. This is GM Proxxon.

We would like to provide information regarding the newly added Battle Pass following the update on 11/21 (Tue).
Please see below for more details.

 New Battle Pass Details

- Sales period: 11/21 (Tue) after the maintenance ~ 12/18 (Mon) 22:00 UTC

- Details: During this period, the ‘Dark Dragon? Drakhan Battle Pass’ will be available for sale.
- How to Purchase: To purchase, go to the Lobby and tap the rolling banner at the bottom left corner.
※Players will be able to obtain Battle Maid Tamara Costume by purchasing the Special Pass.

[Pack Details]


Purchase Limit


Dark Dragon? Drakhan
Battle Pass

Once per account

Premium: 10.99 USD

Special: 19.99 USD

We hope for your continued interest and support!

Thank you.

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I cant use the costume on demiurge drakhan, if this costume is for the other drakhan then I feel cheated and would like my money back.

The costume didn't show up after I purchased the battlepass. Is there something special that you have to do?

Hi That's game is good. I am enjoying the game very much. But, I have no money to buy the battle pass.

 Hi. I just download this game and i love it. Just for some technical issue, this game always crash on my phone x pro max . Eventhough i connect to my 100mbps wifi, it still crash after 10-15minutes. Could your team fix it? Thanks a lot

Good joob

very cute

Changing the mileage system was a mistake.
At first I even defended it, because I understand that your money earnings need to increase for the game to maintain itself.
I was only able to see how bad this change was after the update and actually witness it.

But that's not the way, 6 of my 10 friends who play simply stop playing due to these changes (and they love this game).
I feel that in the next few days I will also stop playing this, these are drastic changes that were not consulted by the gaming community and that made the game much worse.

Revert the mileage changes, or unfortunately prepare to have an empty game.

(follow the mold of the good things that epic 7 has, please)

Why does the regular pass not have the skin? :(

Honestly, it's not worth getting if there's no cosmetics or characters for the base pass.


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