Developer's Note #3: Apologies for Service Instability


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Developer Notes


Developer Notes

Developer's Note #3: Apologies for Service Instability [27]

Hello, Masters.                                                                                        
This is Moonsoo Hyun, the producer for OUTERPLANE.

In today's Developer's Note, we would like to extend our heartfelt apologies for the inconvenience caused by various issues and provide a brief overview of the upcoming updates planned for the second half of this year.

The completion of the first part of Season 2 on 8/29 was intended to bring joy to our Masters, but unfortunately, it resulted in inconveniences due to various issues. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

 Our initial goal was to add planned update content to minimize any periods where our Masters might lack engaging content. However, we understand that this led to a decline in service quality. We are committed to reevaluating our internal development processes to ensure service stability and prevent such inconveniences in the future.

◈ Update Information for the Second Half of the Year

Here's a glimpse of what's in store with our upcoming updates for the second half of the year:

Among the promised update details mentioned in the previous note, most have been implemented, except for the addition of Light and Dark armor/weapon raid dungeons. Initially, both Light and Dark raid dungeons were scheduled for release on 9/12. However, due to ongoing service instability and our focus on improving service quality, we have decided to release the Light and Dark armor/weapon dungeons separately.

We appreciate your understanding regarding the delay in content updates.

The main content updates planned are as follows (please note that these may be subject to change based on development schedules):

1) Light/Dark Element Armor Raid

2) Light/Dark Element Weapon Raid

3) Elemental Tower

     : A content designed to offer consistent rewards at moderate difficulties, distinct from the Skyward Tower.

4) World Boss

     : Engage in a battle against a formidable boss, competing individually against players from the entire server.

       This content is designed to motivate players aiming for PvE excellence.

5) Real-time Arena

     : The long-awaited Real-time Arena will make its debut in the latter half of this year.

 We also plan to implement the following improvements to enhance your gameplay experience:

1) QoL Improvements
     : We have received numerous QoL improvement suggestions since launch and have already implemented some.

       Additional QoL improvements are in the pipeline.
 2) Balance Adjustments

     : We intend to readjust the fundamental balance and make necessary adjustments to hero and item effects before the release of the Real-time Arena.

Throughout the latter half of the year, we will continue to make updates based on the outlined content, adding a new regular event area each month.

 While we have plans to expand Skyward Tower Hard Mode and The Archdemon's Ruins, as well as make improvements that boost overall participation rates and tweak the difficulty of existing content based on comprehensive data analysis, our immediate priority is to allocate development resources toward balance adjustments, improving overall service stability, and enhancing QoL, rather than introducing new systems or content.

It's been over 100 days since OUTERPLANE's official launch.

We want to express our gratitude for the incredible support our Masters have shown.

 While Eva's Master may be "K," we always remember that OUTERPLANE's true Masters are our players. As developers, we are committed to delivering stable services and enjoyable content for as long as possible.


We look forward to bringing you even more exciting content in the future.

As a token of our appreciation for your patience and loyalty, we have prepared special celebration gifts in honor of this Developer's Note.

[Developer’s Note Celebration Gifts]

- Coupon Code: OUTERGIFT

- Coupon Redemption Period: 9/15 (Fri) ~ 10/14 (Sat) 14:59 UTC

- Coupon Rewards: Special Recruitment Tickets x10


Thank you.

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Revive is OP meta now especially mene with d.astei absolutely broken as hell. Please counter it by hero with unrevivable skill (can't be revive). And some people abusing fully ranger by using all ranger in Arena that can dash just 1 turn K.O even if they have lower power, so to counter it please make hero with block receiving buffs because abusing ranger can make maximize all buffs even they are lower power. And some players using tricky team by using Leo with Cindy that make their invulnerable buff becomes longer +1 turn, please release hero that can remove all buffs to ALL ENEMY and steal enemy's buffs

Let me share my opinion on some stuff to improve the game. 

1 . Remove the evasion stat.

2.Make it so that the players who already cleared skyward tower(normal) can skip directly to floor90 when it resets. (Without using skip tickets ofc) 

3. Weekly archdemon ruins special gear(5-6*)

4.Increase reward on already existing challenges (Skyward tower/daily dungeons). A week to max limit break a character is rough, or reduce the cost to 100 stones instead of 200.

5.More ways to earn gold. 

6. Reduce the cost of combining gems. (Legit burned 25m accidentally by clicking combine all just to get few usable stage 6 gem) 

7.Reduce the difficulty on the new season 2 hard stages and stage 11-12 gear dungeons(Many day 1 player still cant clear many stage 12 gear/accessory dungeons). 

8. Lower the stamina refresh cost to 30 and reduce the ads to 5 per day with the rewards being 30 stamina and 5 clear tickets per ad.

9.Improve the weekly arena ether reward. 

remove maxwell mask 

just like you did with noa

I would love a fighting character like Ken epic7

need more male characters

more improve old characters 

Since you claim to listen the players here is how I currently view this game:

Archdemon Ruins: do it every week is annoying because want it or not have to "explore" each node is boring, even worse when the reward isn't even a max rarity guarantee item

Skyward Tower: climb the 100 floor once is annoying, what makes you think we will want to climb it again for the same bad rewards? even with better reward doesn't change the fact that 100 floors is too much and even if you really want us doing that lets us skip the floors already cleared minimum

Arena : Arena is this game biggest flaw, people abuse evade and healing with no way to punish them, debuff are useless since you 100% get punish for landing a single debuff, but why evade and heal are bad? longer the battle higher the damage you take on X turns from that lightning

Story: I like the story you do have good writers with really awesome character design is just hard to enjoy when everything else makes you angry

I can't agreed more, especially for arena. 

I'm really happy to hear the game is going to get even better, I love this game and I'm glad the developers care about it, tbh my only criticism about the game is the Veronica Dark Skin that has no new effects is just a recolor and costs as much as the Summer Veronica that has many more details, also pls make Santa DStella a reality.

resetting a character should be available and give us free sweeps already. why do we need tickets just to sweep up to now?

Glad they're listening to the community and implementing improvements. I'm insisting on the game because I see a lot of potential. Study the idea of allowing, to acquire the skins with diamonds or put them in affordable values. As soon as possible  create an exclusive launcher to play on the pc and continue investing in social media. Dont forget other languages such as Brazilian Portuguese, where the game has been very well accepted

Uowwwwwww, you´re giant!

+100 days and NEVER PT-BR ?

HAbla mesmo lipera, éeeeee gataaa cade nosso pt br? 

profile image

STOVE1487488éeeeeh amô, ta pensando oque?
Cade o donaaate 

Thank you for the updates and always trying to improve. That is an incredibly generous game. I appreciate your hard work.

I can not believe some of the entitled, toxic comments I read. I'm sorry for them

Nah, You Guys Better Not Be Nerfing Anything Anymore Unless You Want Me To Quit. I'm A VIP Since I'm The Only One That Archives Everything On My YouTube Channel. Bring Back The Red Trust Item Farming As Well. Bunch Of Incompetent Fools.



leave here,

I surely want more FEMALE, who even ask for more man in a gacha?

São diversas personagens femininas, tudo acaba ficando igual e chato!

não precisa de um personagem masculino, PRECISA DE VÁRIOS personagens masculinos! precisa de um equilíbrio! preciso melhorar todos os personagens antigos também

Since the beginning of the game players have been complaining about the number of male have only one useful is leo don't try to attract players with only nudity and femals.the game has a great potential if you could add and evolution and change looks to characters that would be phenomenal.

Hope you take that in consideration.

exactly!! exactly, I'm absolutely sure that it would attract more players to the game! 

real time arena will be pointless if you dont remove evade and hit chance status, also  make Notia skill 2 ignore resistance what is the point of a character to deal with people abusing of a healer if she can't silent/get resist ?

Please edit the chat! 

Right now it's the worst chat ever in any game I've ever played. There is literally no avatar, frame or decoration when you send a message in the chat. Another useful thing would be to insert a "local" chat under the chat of the various channels, i.e. which groups all the players based on their nationality, so the social side would certainly grow, for example, I, who am an Italian player, would have the chat (under the global one) with only Italian players! Same thing for Spanish, French, German players, etc.

Hoping for a kind response to my request, I wish the developers good work.

Oh and thanks a lot for this update! Can't wait to see RT-PvP and World Boss.

A filter for equipment/gacha rolls would be nice too, guild chat is borderline unusable when there's tons of gear rolls between each message

Improving game stability, code optimization, QoL and game balance will always be more important than releasing new content hastily and in a poor state. I'm glad this dev note shows they are going to take this approach, you got my support!

Cool to have some infos. Hope we have roadmap soon with some preview of char visiual

And big thanks for the code

Finally, thank you for this update. For many of us this was all that we were looking for. We understand that you're always hard at work trying to reach your expected content goals for the year. All we wanted to hear was your perspective and satisfaction on the state of the game and where you intend to put your focus going forward. I believe we're on the same page that delays in content is a necessary compromise to address the stability and playability of the game. As much as we look forward to the expansion of story, features and modes, it all falls flat when the intended experience is thwarted by bugs and imbalances. I do hope future dev notes will not come several months apart and that you return the constant feedback that we give you.

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