[Issue] 9/4 (Mon) Known Issues(9/12 Resolved)
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Known Issues


Known Issues

[Issue] 9/4 (Mon) Known Issues(9/12 Resolved) [2]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE
Hello, Masters! This is GM Proxxon.

The following issues have been discovered on 9/4 (Mon).
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

1. An issue issue causing the game progress to halt when failing to defeat monsters within the turn limit,

    causing them to escape in Bandit Chase.

- We are currently investigating the issue.

→ This issue has been resolved with the patch that occurred on 9/12 (Tue)

2. An issue where the game progress halts with a pop-up screen displaying "Invalid Request"

    when attempting to set the Geas in the Madman's Laboratory of the Guild Raid.

- To resolve this, you can resume progress by first removing all selected Geas, saving your settings, and then reapplying them.

→ This issue has been resolved with the patch that occurred on 9/12 (Tue)

3. An issue where Gold was not included in the list of items received from the Guild Dungeon Chest,
    obtained as a reward from the Guild Security Area.

- The issue has been occurring since the update on 8/29. After the update scheduled for 9/12,
   players will receive compensation in the form of 1,000 Gold for each Guild Dungeon Chest they have opened.

→ This issue has been resolved with the patch that occurred on 9/12 (Tue)

→ We have sent 1,000 Gold for each Guild Dungeon Chest opened by the player since the update on 8/29 to their mailbox.

4. An issue where one of the Transcendence passive effects for heroes,
    the Action Points increasing effect, is not applied in the Arena.

- The passive effect is functioning correctly in all content except the Arena.

→ This issue has been resolved with the patch that occurred on 9/12 (Tue)

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We will continue to inform our Masters regarding this issue via this notice.

Thank you.

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I’m unable to resolve the invalid request when setting Maxwell’s active geas because several of the active geas are still in effect from the LAST raid, and therefore can’t be deselected. This has completely ruined the raid for me from day one.

Descobri um pequeno problema na arena com que fez que a luta não acabasse depois de matar os personagens do meu oponente, e infelizmente acabei tendo que se retirar da partida e me prejudicou.

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