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Guild Recruitment


Guild Recruitment

Lunaris, English, Global, Shop lv 5 [6]

Guild Name: **Lunaris** (**LV 2**)
Members: 20/25 (**5 Spots available**)

- Info: **Guild Shop LV 5**
- Server: **Global**
- Language: **English**
- Requirements: **Daily Boss and Raids**

Lunaris is looking for new, active members, there are no requirements, except for being active and partecipating to guild and raid bosses, this is very important as it's the only way to unlock various perks, such as crafting costs reduction and ofc, red books.

If you're looking for a casual place, without the pressure of having to score good at events or grow up at a pace that doesn't fit yours, this is the guild for you.

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Hello, would you happen to still have a slot open? I'm aware it's a bit late, so if not it's alright. ^^

Thank you ,  The Name  is LordSeven.

I will leave my guild is too much lay back,  but you know  I need to wait 24 hr to join yours

Aight, will reserve a spot then!

is everyone active in your Guild?

Most of them are, i'm working toward replacing inactive players, and will kick those who won't log in from now on.

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