About Rin and Alice buffs
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About Rin and Alice buffs [1]

First I apologize if my grammar is wrong. Because English is not a foreign language in my country.

Quote from developer:

“In the nearest future, this will happen in the form of buffs to 2 heroes whose utility has fallen greatly behind our expectations.
     1) Rin      Our initial intent was to allow players to take advantage of Rin's AoE attacks to easily progress through Story Mode        in the early game, and for her to become an effective main DPS against fire in the late game.        As her current performance is falling behind relative to expectations, we will be giving her a buff”

I'm strong again “IN THE NEAREST FUTURE”.The time the developer announced was 2/6. And I was thinking the nearest future is simply the update on 7/6. So I spent all my resources as well as extra money to spin Rin, even though I knew after 7/6 the rate of 3 star champs would increase. I accept that I will take more risks, to choose to find myself a 5-star Rin. 

And after the update I didn't see any notifications about Rin anymore. I feel like a tricked child. The developer gave me a candy and will give it to me next time, making me spend money to buy goods from him, but then say: "See you next time".

I see a lot of people comparing the development history of certain E7 games. But sorry E7 is E7 and Outerplane is outerplane although the same developer, but is it 2 separate games. I don't play E7 so I don't know how to develop that game. But using highly misleading language is not acceptable "In the nearest future"

The game just started gave me the impression I was cheated. Thanks for reminding me of the publisher STOVE so I can avoid the next games

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I don't know what to say, i was also expecting it to be live now but it's probably this month. You decided to push for rin it's not their fault. U don't even know if the buff will be good enought cause rin really struggle in PVE. I can only advice you to wait for buff info next time.

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