[Notice] OUTERPLANE X Google Play Point Promotion (5/22 23:00 Update)


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[Notice] OUTERPLANE X Google Play Point Promotion (5/22 23:00 Update)

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE

Hello, Masters! This is GM Proxxon.


The special Google Play Point promotion will begin starting 5/23.

Please see below for more details.



◈ Promotion Details

The following promotion will begin on 5/23 (Tue) 00:00 and last until 5/29 (Mon) 23:59 PST (UTC-8).


1. Google Play Point Install Promotion

Get 5 points when installing OUTERPLANE from the Google Play Store during the promotional period.


2. Special Rewards Promotion

Purchase an OUTERPLANE product on the Google Play Store and earn 8 points for every 1 USD spent!

1) Activate the OUTERPLANE "Start boost" button within the promotional period.

2) Earn 8 points for every 1 USD spent in OUTERPLANE after the boost starts.

 ※ The "Start boost" button is only active during the event period, and you cannot initiate the boost or receive additional points after the promotion ends.

 ※ There is no limit to the number of points you can earn during the promotional period.

 ※ Please contact [Google Play Customer Service] if the "Start boost" button does not appear.



◈ What are Google Play Points?

- Earn points for every purchase you make including in-app purchases.

- Get started to earn points.

- Use your points for various contents or enjoy discounts on in-game items.

    [Learn more about Google Play Points]

- The amount of Google Play Points earned does not vary based on your points level, and the same rate will apply to all levels.


◈ Please Note

- Google Play Points are events supported by Google.

- Points are earned after signing up for Google Play Points for free.

- This is an event exclusively held in the United States.


We hope that many of our Masters show interest and participate in the event.

Thank you!

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