[Notice] End of the Second CBT


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[Notice] End of the Second CBT [4]

Time for Action! OUTERPLANE
Hello. This is GM Lisha.

The Second OUTERPLANE CBT has come to an end.
We would like to thank all the Adventurers who actively participated in the CBT.

Please leave a review on the journey you had for the past six days.
Your feedback will greatly help us improve our service!

[Participate in the Survey]
-  https://ko.surveymonkey.com/r/BLD6275

Thank you again for your time and interest in OUTERPLANE.
We are truly grateful to everyone who has participated in the Second CBT.

See you again next time!

Thank you.

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Quando vai sair pro global, eu e meus colegas estamos loucos pra jogar esse jogão nossa eu amei ter jogado o teste do jogo, muito bom, não vejo a hora de jogar de novo, nem estou conseguindo dormir com ansiedade do jogo.

[Continuing from previous post]

Having to wait to be able to do some dungeons just to get mats has always irked me a bit and I think that also stalls peoples interest in continuing the game. I get that other modes are / will be available but it only carries you so far. 

-Honestly, those are the only things that I can see realistically that SHOULD be improved on. At least at the moment, that's all I can see from playing both CBTs. Hopefully the game will be released soon!

Played both Betas and I think there were some minor improvements. The new healer was made pretty well. I think the system for allowing auto chains and burst abilities is by far one of the best systems implemented that should be in other games (hint hint E7). 

I think the stage difficulty was fair enough to make it smooth. Not too easy, not too difficult. 

What needs work is these few things:

-The rate of energy recovery should be slightly higher to compensate for farming / leveling / progression of story.

-The amount of entries for mats should be increased if the energy recovery won't increase. I think the biggest turn off for many when it comes to gachas is the lack of being able to play more consistently instead of having to switch to either a different game while waiting for the energy to be refilled. With the amount of mobile games out now compared to how many are playing console / pc, I don't think there should be many roadblocks in terms of progressing anymore. 

when will the game be released globally?

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