[Notice] CBT Event Winners Announcement
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Winner's Notice


Winner's Notice

[Notice] CBT Event Winners Announcement [1]

This is GM Lisha.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in OUTERPLANE’s CBT event.
Through this notice, we will inform you of the event winners. 

Congratulations to the winners! Please see below for more details.

 Feedback Event Winners

  • Yurica******
  • STOVE93******
  • RoyalP******
  • STOVE166209309430***
  • Kerb******
  • Azer******
  • STOVE105886***
  • Dire******
  • STOVE122337***
  • STOVE108080***
    ※ Please check your message inbox on STOVE.

    ◈ Survey Event Winners
  • All participants

    ◈ Reward
  • $20 USD worth of in-game coupons will be delivered to your email at the time of the official global launch.

    [Please Note]
    - We will send a link to collect your information via STOVE message for us to send the coupons to the winners of the feedback event.
    - Information collection period: Until 9/30 (Fri)
    - Collected email addresses will be deleted after sending messages.


Thank you.

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[Notice] CBT Event Winners Announcement [1]

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