[Notice] The End of the CBT
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[Notice] The End of the CBT [15]


This is GM Lisha.

The CBT, the short journey into OUTERPLANE, has ended as of today.

We would like to thank you for leaving your valuable opinion on the game.
All your suggestions will help us improve the game.

We will do our best to invite you again to OUTERPLANE, 
where more exciting adventures will unfold than before.

     Go to Survey (~Until 9/12 (Mon) 23:59 UTC)

Thank you again for your time and interest in OUTERPLANE.
We are truly grateful to everyone who has participated in the CBT.

See you again next time!

Thank you.

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Please GM, release the game we can't wait anymorem this is the best n great game I ever waiting for my life

Im ready for the next Open ver

Gostei muito da gameplay do CBT, espero que até o final do ano o jogo esteja disponível, pois estou ansioso para continuar a história, e se poderem lançar em português com certeza os jogadores ficaram felizes também... parabéns aos desenvolvedores e criação pois está lindo... pode ser um grande sucesso como é o Epic Seven

I really enjoyed the cbt cant wait for the next test (if there is more) Thank you for the game hope yall have a good day

I really enjoyed the CBT can't wait for the official launch of the game

I hope this game lunch as soon as possible im waiting 

Man,imma miss playing this game. There's some bugs like constant freezing,suddenly getting booted out of the game and sometimes you can't click options so you got no choice but to restart the game. But still,its a good looking game in terms of graphics wise. Also kindly add some features like achievements,chat(you have chat box but it doesn't work and some free stamina everyday like 3 times a day would be awesome cuz stamina runs out fast.

like the auto battle feature and also the sweep feature all though ya run out tickets fast but it's still manageable and perfect for busy people.

Also,you should probably raise the draw rates of 3* characters cuz it's too hard to get a 3* or just add a feature that every 100 draws you are guaranteed a 3* character. 

i like that you can buy the soulstones once ya get a specified character and the milestone purchase.Definitely the 2 best features of your game. 

Thank you for the wonderful experience wish the CBT is longer cuz i keep wanting more.

Make different animations for critical hits!

Do the finishing blow with unique animations!

Lynn was by far the best character I've ever seen in a mobile game, unfortunately I can't say the same for the rest of the characters! Only about 4 nice ones and the rest of them extremely generic!

Uninteresting and boring enemies!

Put more different and more urban scenarios!

Put animations after defeating the boss in which the characters play pranks on each other according to their friendship level!

there are stronger characters in the game, but I meant that Lynn has the best art work in the game which ends up overshadowing almost all the other characters

You probably haven't explored the other characters that much to say that. Vera a 2* dark hero out DPS lynn in terms of dmg. She's also faster than her. The only thing Lynn has advantage of is her no CD s2 once she pops up her s3 burst skill. 3* dark hero Claire is also awesome and deals more damage on bosses with her bleed and considering that she's a ranger type,she can outspeed lynn everytime. Lynn is goid but not the best.  

When the official release?

Really enjoyed the CBT, any plans for a second round or that's it? I started a bit late but this left me wanting more so I can't wait for the official release or soft release.

Thankyou GM ilove your Game.

Termino demasiado pronto, o llegué demasiado tarde 😅. Exelente juego, exelentes gráficos y animaciones 👏👏👏👏👏

Add CO-OP Battle compose of  3 team player vs Boss battle event

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