[Notice] World Boss Survey Results
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[Notice] World Boss Survey Results [1]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE
Hello, this is GM Proxxon.

Thank you for participating in the World Boss beta test survey!
 Here are the survey results, along with future planned changes.

The response that came back through the survey was overall positive.
However, some players provided us feedback regarding aspects of the event that could be improved upon.
As such, we will be working to make the following improvements. 

1. Saving gear loadouts
- Players have pointed out that in order to get the best out of the World Boss,
   they had to change out gear equipped on a large number of heroes.
   To help speed up the process, we'll be adding the feature for saving team compositions and
   gear loadouts available in Guild Raids to the World boss.

2. Dissatisfaction with competing only within the chosen difficulty
- We've received feedback that competition in lower leagues could feel unfair
  due to players with higher levels of progression claiming the highest ranks after joining lower difficulty leagues.
  Since we're aiming for World Bosses to be end-game content that players of all progress levels can enjoy,
  we are currently looking into a variety of options to make improvements regarding this issue.

3. New bosses
- The regular season will feature a new boss, different from the boss featured in the beta tests.
   The boss will feature new mechanics not seen from Ragnakeus, and we are looking forward to seeing our players
   come up with ways to work around them.
   We hope you're looking forward to the new boss as much as we are!

A lot of our effort is currently devoted toward bringing you the regular season of the World Boss as soon as possible,
and, as a result, the changes above may end up being implemented after the regular season begins.

We look forward to seeing you in the regular season!
Thank you.


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