6/18 (Tue) Update Notice
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6/18 (Tue) Update Notice [8]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE
Hello Masters. This is GM Proxxon.

Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in this week’s update.

Players will be able to experience this update in-game following the maintenance.

Please see below for more details.

1. New Hero Fatal Drop Rate Up!

- Fatal, a hero who grants herself stealth and increased speed will be joining us during the upcoming Drop Rate Up event. She has the ability to gain extra turns, and enemies killed by her skills do not activate Resurrection or Revival.  

# Name: Fatal

# Element: Water

# Battle Type: Ranger

# Subclass: Vanguard

# Schedule: 6/18 after the maintenance ~ 7/2 before the maintenance

※ The new hero, Fatal, will be added to the Normal Summon after the Drop Rate Up event ends.

2. Aer Drop Rate Up! 

- Aer, a hero capable of dispelling buffs from enemies or dealing significant damage to enemies with buffs, will be joining us during the upcoming Drop Rate Up event.

# Name: Aer

# Element: Fire

# Battle Type: Striker

# Subclass: Attacker

# Schedule: 6/18 after the maintenance ~ 7/2 before the maintenance

 3. Battle Pass Drop Rate Up - Dahlia

- The Hero, Dahlia, who can create advantageous situations for allies by inflicting Frozen and reduced Speed on the enemy, will be joining us during the upcoming Drop Rate Up event.

# Name: Dahlia

# Element: Water

# Battle Type: Mage

# Subclass: Enchanter

# Schedule: 6/18 after the maintenance ~ 7/16 before the maintenance

 4. New Side Story Added and Existing Side Stories Adjustments

- Fatal’s Side Story will be added.
 ㄴ Players will be able to access it via the category, ‘New Encounters.’
 ㄴ The Side Story will consist of 8 battle stages and 5 story stages.
 ㄴThe Side Story will be moved to the 'A Brief Interlude' tab after Fatal’s Drop Rate Up period ends.

Furthermore, adjustments will be made to its entry condition and dungeon level.

 - Kuro’s Side Story will be moved to the 'A Brief Interlude' tab, and its entry condition will be adjusted to become available after reaching Account Level 45.
   : If you cleared at least one stage of Kuro’s side story before the patch, the Side Story will remain available.

5. Event Dungeon - Summer Island Mayhem

 - The summer event dungeon, Summer Island Mayhem, is back!
 - The story will be divided into 3 weeks, and the event shop will be available for 4 weeks.

 1) Unlock Condition
 - Clear Normal Adventure Season 1 Area 3-3

 2) Schedule 
 - Event Schedule: 6/18 after the maintenance ~ 7/9 before the maintenance

 - The areas of the Summer Island event dungeon will be progressively unlocked on a weekly basis.
   ㄴ Week 1: 6/18 after the maintenance ~ 7/8 23:59 UTC
   ㄴ Week 2: 6/25 00:00 UTC ~ 7/8 23:59 UTC
   ㄴ Week 3: 7/2 00:00 UTC ~ 7/8 23:59 UTC

 - Event Shop Availability: 6/18 after the maintenance ~ 7/16 before the maintenance
 ㄴ After the event period ends, only the Event Shop will remain accessible.

  - Ranked Challenge Period: 7/2 00:00 UTC ~ 7/8 23:59 UTC

 3) How to Use 
  - You can acquire various rewards by completing missions in the event area. 
  - During the event period, you can acquire special event currency by clearing dungeons in the event area.
     (Initial Clear and Repeat Rewards) 
  - Hard mode will be made available once all of the normal difficulty event dungeons have been successfully cleared.
  - You can enter the hard mode dungeon up to 20 times per day to earn event currency.

 4) Ranked Challenge
 - You can enter the Ranked Challenge during the last week of the event period.
    You can acquire rewards relative to the rank you've acquired based on the damage dealt. (Available once per day)


 5) Check-in Event

 - Check-in event rewards will be available during the event period.

6) Event Shop
- You can use Barbecue Kit, Suspicious Tentacle, and Deep Sea Guardian Core, which can be obtained by playing through Summer Island Mayhem, to acquire various items.
 - You can access the shop during the 3 weeks of the event and for 1 additional week afterwards.

7) Event Bonus Hero
 - Clearing the event dungeon, Summer Island Mayhem, with main character heroes will grant more event currency. 
    (This does not apply to the initial clear rewards and stages cleared with a story team.)

 8) Event Rewards
 - You will be able to acquire a large amount of dungeon clear rewards and mission rewards including Normal/Special Recruitment Tickets (Event) and Ether.

  ■ Dungeon Clear Rewards 

- You will be able to purchase the following items by spending event currency you have acquired. 
- The Event Shop can be found by visiting the event page and can be accessed by going to Lobby > Shop. 

  ■ Event Shop 

6. New Guild Raid Season

- The new Guild Raid Season, "Planetary Control Unit," will begin according to the following schedule:

    ㄴ Schedule: 6/19 00:00 ~ 6/29 00:00 UTC
    ㄴ Calculation Period: 6/29 00:00 ~ 7/6 00:00 UTC
    ㄴ Break Schedule: 7/6 00:00 UTC ~ the start of the next season 

7. New Battle Pass and Packs Added

 1) New Battle Pass
 - A new Battle Pass will be added and will provide Dahlia's costume, Uninvited Summer Guest Dahlia.

- Battle Pass begins: 6/18 00:00 UTC
- Battle Pass sale ends: 7/15 22:00 UTC
- Battle Pass ends: 7/16 00:00 UTC

 ※ After the Battle Pass sale ends, the costumes can be purchased individually in the shop under the "Costumes" category.
 2) Six new Costume Packs will be added.

 ※ The purchase button for the Summer Island costume package will be disabled if you already own the costume.

3) Individual costumes, Transcend packs, and 11 new pack items will be added.

8. Limited Shop

-  The limited shop will be available for two weeks following the update.
   ㄴ Sales Period: 6/18 00:00 UTC ~ 7/2 before the update


 Proxxon's Mana Chest Contents (Probabilities)

9. Other Changes and Improvements
 - Improvements will be made so that Duelist's Pledge and League Buff skills are viewable on the team formation screen.

- To avoid confusion, the term "always" in Laila's Skill 2 description will be removed.
 ㄴ No functional changes will be made.

- New player missions will now be displayed for 14 days instead of 7. 

- Gift registration will now be disabled until the leveling-up animation after sending gifts to heroes concludes.

- When changing the Demiurge recruitment target, the waiting period until the next recruitment selection has been reduced from 14 days to 7 days.

- The event period for the following will be extended to 12/31/24.
   ㄴ Limited New Player 3-Day Check-In Event
   ㄴ Fight! In the Arena  

- Improvements will be made so that progress can continue even after selecting options on Terminus Isle and clicking 'Next'.
   ㄴ Before: Players can proceed by double-clicking the options
   ㄴ After: Players can proceed after double-clicking an option or clicking 'Next'

- Adjustments will be made to the main screen of the Joint Challenge feature. Now, when you enter the main screen, the rewards section at the bottom will automatically scroll to the last available reward position for easier access.

- Improvements will be made to the Friendship Points shop. Now, when purchasing stamina in the shop, you can specify the quantity you wish to buy.

- The loading screen image when launching the game will be changed.

10. Error Fixes 

- Fixed an issue where Christina's skill 2, Bursting Patriotism, failed to trigger its 'Agile Response' effect when Demiurge Astei resurrected using her skill, The People on Earth, while being on the opposing team.

- Fixed an issue where the ultimate skill animation would skip entirely for certain characters when the playback option is set to 'once daily'.

- Fixed an issue where the animation wouldn't properly end when returning to the hero screen after changing costumes during the hero's animation.

- Fixed an issue where skills with the steal effect or the ability to dispel or alter the duration of buffs/debuffs would trigger Agile Response or Revenge when used on heroes with irremovable buffs/debuffs.

- Fixed an issue where the background would not be displayed as intended when using a chain skill on Christina's turn.

- Fixed an issue where the red dot notification wouldn't disappear from the Battle Pass missions tab upon reaching Level 20 of the pass without purchasing the Premium/Special Pass.

- Fixed an issue where the 'Purchase Veronica Premium Pack' button in the Shop > Monthly Subscription section wouldn't function if there was no purchase history for the Veronica Premium Pack.

- Fixed an issue where the "Chance Info" button within the shop was not functioning properly. 

- Fixed an issue where the red dot notification would persistently appear on the new user banner after the mission period ended without claiming the rewards.

- Fixed an issue where Tamamo-no-Mae's skill "Nirvana's Inferno" wouldn't apply its effects correctly when used against non-Earth elemental enemies with Immunity.

- The mistranslation in the Japanese skill description for "buff reversal" will be fixed.
 ㄴ Affected Hero: Kuro

- Fixed an issue where entering the Joint Challenge with a score of 0 and then choosing to "Give Up" would still deduct entry attempts and stamina.
  ㄴ Any erroneously deducted stamina will be compensated and delivered to your mailbox during the 6/18 (Tue) maintenance.

- Fixed an issue where purchasing the "60 Stamina & 2 Clear Tickets" item up to 15/25 in the Normal tab of Shop > Resource Shop would cause it to change positions.
 - Fixed an issue where, in the Deeps of the Archdemon's Ruins, having 2 mirrors face each other would cause the app to crash.

- Various mistranslated tooltips related to combat and in-game systems have been fixed to better match the intended message. 
   ㄴ Tooltips for Guild Buffs and Terminus Isle mechanics.

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You posted that on the 2nd and 3rd weeks of event gold will cost barbecue sets.

What do we see today? That on 2nd week gold costs *u*****ou* Tentacle. What's with these lies!?

I have rated this game with "5 Stars" due to it's impressive skill animations and visual effects, highly recommendable as a stress reliever. But it seems the devs and animators have gotten lazy after a year since unlike the older ones, many new characters don't have their own unique "Skill Burst Level 3" animations which includes Kuro and Fatal - from burst 1 to 3 seems boring due to repetitive the same skill animations.

I'm still enjoying the game and recommended to my colleagues. I hope the devs will take it into consideration and further improve the game design, instead of downgrading it. I wish to see the roadmap of this game into it's highest peak. Thank you...

Gosto muito desse jogo, mas vocês erraram na parte dos eventos com skin, lançando uma skin por R$199,99, E NÃO fazem skins gratuitas para os jogadores casuais.

40$ skin.

And as event reward, same skin that we already have "Alpha". Im sorry but the game was going again in good direction but now you go back again to your devils.

Btw its been 1 year we doing full ADS for you guys (even f2p are doing) and yet we still dont have a real skin for free to chose from the pool.

About the event reward: Japanese server opened last month, so this is a way for japanese players to catch up and get these cool backgrounds and rewards. There were a lot of players who started this year and it is a good opportunity for them too to get these rewards.

profile image

Aebmusyeah i mean ok, but what about others who play ssince start

profile image

YoshouThis, I don't know. The devs didn't make a very thoughtful move here, I agree. It seems they're ready to take the blow in order to appeal to a broader audience so...we'll see soon how it turns out.

What do you think of the Rin 990 Ether set and people who buy expensive ones for real money?

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