[Maintenance] 6/3 (Mon) Update Maintenance (Completed)
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[Maintenance] 6/3 (Mon) Update Maintenance (Completed) [2]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE 
Hello, Masters! This is GM Proxxon. 

The maintenance was successfully completed on 6/4(Tue) at 02:30 UTC,
which is ahead of the initially scheduled duration.

◈ Maintenance Compensation  
- Compensation: 200 Ether (Delivered to your in-game mailbox, Storage Period: 7 Days)  
- Claim Period: 6/4 (Tue) after the maintenance ~ 6/5 (Wed) 14:59 (UTC) 

please update to the latest version (v 1.2.14) for a more stable service. 
※ If the update does not appear in your store, please see below!

◈ How to Update
1) Please search for [OUTERPLANE] on the App Store, then download and install the update.
2) If the latest update does not display in your app store, please restart your device and check again.

1) Go to [Google Play Store > tap the profile icon on the top left of the screen > Manage apps & device] and tap on the update button next to OUTERPLANE
2) If the latest update does not display in your Google Play Store, go to [Apps > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear cache] then open the Google Play Store and tap on the update button next to OUTERPLANE
3) Search for [OUTERPLANE] on the Google Play Store and tap on the update button

We will continue to do our best to provide you with exciting content.
Thank you.

We would like to inform you that we will have an update on 6/3 (Mon) 
Please see below for more details.

◈ Maintenance Schedule 
 - 6/3 (Mon) 23:30 - 6/4 (Tue) 04:00 02:30 UTC

◈ Details 
- World Boss Beta Test begins
- Joint Challenge begins
- Hero Drop Rate Up!
   1) New: Lucky Black Cat, Kuro!
   2) Returning: Numbered Hunter, Tamara
- New hero Kuro's Side Story added
- Rico's Secret Shop revamp
- Other Improvements and Error Fixes

Please Note 
 - Please log out of your game before the maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.
 - Players will not be able to access OUTERPLANE during the maintenance. 
 - The maintenance schedule is subject to change. 
 - The coupon page and the Drops page cannot be accessed during the maintenance period.

We appreciate your patience and hope that you will enjoy this update! 
For more information, please refer to the [Update Notice]

We will do our best to provide you with even better service. 
Thank you.

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Jogo bom de mas 

Kuro's the new hero?

Then I'll use this update to save up some ether for the next one.

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