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General Discussion

This developer ignore the players [2]

I being complainning about season 2 part 1  hard 5-9 being unbeatable, the closest I reach was astei with 2,800 hp left and guess what ? she heal to 70 %  in 2 turns and even though I made more than one post saying about how unbeatable it is I keep getting ignored, I refuse to start season 2 part 2 until I beat this stage and since the developer doesnt give two F about people stuck on stages this means I will never beat, and I here thinking the Hunts having 30 Turns limit on a boss who gets invencibility undispellable was bad, is like nobody actually test it 

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defeat K immediately, then start building up chain points by normal attacking astei with your units and letting her cook her health regens, as long as you avoid overusing passive skills she wont regen her weakness gauge

when you get to two chain you can whittle down her hp and break her, then use the chains in her break state to add in damage

ddrakhan can provide a strong barrier and dvlada can inflict unhealable

check that your gear has been updated with stuff like stage 6 gems and chain point talismans

the devs have added in the terminus isle quirk system, the clear info button during sortie and more to aid players

I beat with Vlada,Valentine,Tamamo and Eternal, The main point is that I needed even the chain skills maxed to squeeze the max of damage and weakness gauge from all my attacks, the most vital units were Tamamo and Vlada

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Finally beat season 2 part 1 hard 5-9

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This developer ignore the players [2]

2024.05.26 20:38
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(spoilers) Finished Season 2 Part 2 last night (spoilers)

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Cant switch scenes in Map

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