(spoilers) Finished Season 2 Part 2 last night (spoilers)
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General Discussion

(spoilers) Finished Season 2 Part 2 last night (spoilers)

And I have to say, I loved it!
Honestly, I wasn't expecting that K and Tamara would meet this season, and I am glad they finally did. The cutscene transformation with Drakhan and Vlada was also beautiful. The plotline setup with the Irregulars to tease the upcoming season is also great - giving us an idea on what comes next. Monad Eva coming in with an RKO out of nowhere to beat Drakhan was majestic. I really didn't expect her to show up at the last minute, since she's a recently introduced character. Here's hoping current timeline Eva makes her comeback in the next season. I almost forgot, Epsilon was very cute and funny during the entirety of season 2. She reminds me of HK-47 from KOTOR. Her Toy Story reference was hilarious.

Tamamo-no-Mae Event:
The VN style with the event, giving us our own character was rather unexpected. I hope to see you folks use that more in the future. I loved the illusion of choice you gave us with refusing the vacation, since it lead to a funny backstory with Christina.

Dialogue typos I caught:

1. The battle with* Drakhan
2. She* left us alive

Thank you so much for this update. I really enjoyed it!

P.S. Epsilon the Super Cool Killing Machine is a cutie pie :D

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(spoilers) Finished Season 2 Part 2 last night (spoilers)

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