[Event] Google Play Points Special In-game Item Information
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Current Events

[Event] Google Play Points Special In-game Item Information [1]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE
Hello, This is GM Lisha.

The sale of exclusive in-game items, which can be purchased using Google Play Points, is now underway.
As there are many items that are useful for new players, please show a lot of interest.

1. Sales Period
- 5/21 (Tue) ~ 6/18 (Tue) 08:00 UTC

2. Pack Information
 - You can purchase the items at a discounted price compared to the original price.



Purchase Limit

Mega Value Pack I for New Users
 ($3.99 Coupon)

150 Ether + 60 Stamina

Once per account

Mega Value Pack II for New Users 

($10.99 Coupon)

450 Ether + 100 Stamina

Once per account

Mega Value Recruitment Pack for New Users

($22.99 Coupon)

Special Recruit Ticket x10

Once per account

3. How to Purchase
- The purchased items will be sent to your mailbox.
1) Launch the Google Play Store app
2) Tap on your profile located at the top right corner, and select "Play Points".
3) Navigate to the "Use Points" tab, situated in the middle section.
4) Look for "OUTERPLANE" on the list.
5) Purchase special items exclusive for OUTERPLANE!
 ※ The items will be sent to the first account that was used to log into the game using the device used for the purchase.

Please Note!

- All packs are available for purchase during the promotion period regardless of whether the same pack was purchased previously. 
Event times may vary by country due to local time differences.
 - GPP value may differ for each country as the same discount rate is applied to localized price of the in-app product.
 -  [Learn more about Google Play Points]
 -  [Get help from Google Play]

 Thank you.

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Y'all can and must do a better job. Better offers will boost sales

exponentially and even encourage new spenders to begin splurging on their favorite game. 

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