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Game So Broken Anniversary Special [2]

Wow its been awhile since I displayed the broken mess of a game we have here. A lot of missed opportunities when I just wasn't recording. So this time, I bring a whole 3 vids all just in time to celebrate. Happy Anniversary!!!!

First up we have the little Tammy who just couldn't. She was so tired of being abused she just tried to run away. Thanks for the arena loss.....

Next up we have a case of Dahlia being so broken she just freezes the planet. Immunity set? What's that. I'll freeze the universe itself!!! Thanks for the arena loss.....

Finally I thought I had a missed video chance but the game was so broken it decided to keep me locked in a permanent instance of broke. You're gonna need a lot more than Reparo to fix this hot garbage. Why 3 out of 4 heroes have immunity set on? Ok looks fine to me annnnd it's gone. Well that's not gonna work too well in a fight with Dahlia. Maybe after the previous vid she really did find out how to bypass immunity. Thanks for 2 arena losses.....

You've had problems like this and more in your first month. It's been a year, seriously what has changed? If it's not 100% crit heroes failing to crit, buffers only putting up half their buffs, Notia refusing to proc her s2 or immunity set breaking. It all just results in arena losses or important Guild Raid failures. I don't see AFK Journey having problems like this in their first month so why should people give you money over a game that works correctly? It really makes ya wonder. 

Happy Anniversary!!!

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So true! So many bugs and imbalance in game:

1. Immunity gear set doesn't work

2. Kanon is too overpowerfull against All demiurge

3. Sometimes game frezee

You might hate to see my Kanons damage haha. The Kanons I see in top 50 usually don't have 100% crit, low acc, low evasion, low damage lol. I love heroes with damage based on def and I love single target damage dealers. So Kanon was an instant love at first sight for me. Seeing as I use her so much, I'm aware of her weaknesses but I'm not gonna make that public knowledge : P

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