4/9 (Tue) Update Notice (Added on 4/9)
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4/9 (Tue) Update Notice (Added on 4/9) [3]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE
Hello Masters. This is GM Proxxon.

Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in this week’s update.

Players will be able to experience this update in-game following the maintenance.

Please see below for more details.

1. New Hero, Edelweiss, Drop Rate Up!
 - Edelweiss, a hero who can protect allies and ignore the target’s defense when there is only one target, will be featured in the upcoming Drop Rate Up event.

# Name: Edelweiss

# Element: Water

# Battle Type: Ranger

# Subclass: Tactician

# Schedule: 4/9 after the maintenance ~ 4/23 before the maintenance

※ The new hero, Edelweiss, will be added to Normal Recruit after the Drop Rate Up event ends.

 2. Stella Drop Rate Up!
 - Stella, a hero who cannot be inflicted with debuffs and who attacks the enemy by activating Revenge when an ally is inflicted with a debuff, will be featured in the upcoming Drop Rate Up event.

# Name: Stella

# Element: Light

# Battle Type: Ranger

# Subclass: Vanguard

# Schedule: 4/9 after the maintenance ~ 4/23 before the maintenance

 3. Aer Drop Rate Up! 
 - Aer, a hero capable of dispelling buffs from enemies or dealing significant damage to enemies with buffs, will be joining us during the upcoming Drop Rate Up event.

# Name: Aer

# Element: Fire

# Battle Type: Striker

# Subclass: Attacker

# Schedule: 4/9 after the maintenance ~ 5/7 before the maintenance

※ Players will be able to recruit her in this battle pass until 5/7 before the maintenance.

4. New Side Story Added and Existing Side Stories Adjustments

- Edelweiss's Side Story will be added.
  : Players will be able to access it via the category, ‘New Encounters.’
  : The Side Story consists of 10 battle stages and 2 story stages.
  : The Side Story will be moved to the 'A Brief Interlude' tab after Edelweiss’s Drop Rate Up period ends.
    Furthermore,  adjustments will be made to its entry condition and dungeon level.

- Kanon’s Side Story will be moved to the 'A Brief Interlude' tab, and its entry condition will be adjusted to become available after reaching Account Level 45.
  : If you cleared at least one stage of Kanon’s side story before the patch, the Side Story will remain available.


5. Event Dungeon - Full Speed Ahead! Shipbound Sports Festival

- A new Event Dungeon, ‘Full Speed Ahead! Shipbound Sports Festival’  will be available.

1) Unlock Condition
- Clear Normal Adventure Season 1 Area 3-3

2) Schedule 
 - Event Schedule: 4/9 after the maintenance ~ 4/23 before the maintenance
 - Event Shop Availability: 4/9 after the maintenance ~ 4/29 23:59 UTC
 - Ranked Challenge Period: 4/16 00:00 UTC ~ 4/23 before the maintenance
 ※ After the event period ends, only the Event Shop will remain accessible.

3) How to Use 
- You can enter the event story through the banner on the Lobby screen or  by checking the event list on the integrated event banner.

- You can acquire various rewards by completing missions in the event area. 

- During the event period, you can acquire special event currency by clearing dungeons in the event area.
   (Initial Clear and Repeat Rewards) 

- Hard mode will be made available once all of the normal difficulty event dungeons have been successfully cleared.

- You can enter the hard mode dungeon up to 20 times per day to earn event currency.

4) Ranked Challenge
- You can enter the Ranked Challenge during the last week of the event period. 
   Players can acquire rewards relative to the rank they've acquired based on the damage dealt. (Available once per day)

- Ranked Challenge Period: 4/16 00:00 UTC ~ 4/23 before the maintenance


5) Check-in Event
- Check-in event rewards will be available during the event period.


6) Event Shop  

- You can use ‘Token of Mettle’ acquired from playing through the ‘Full Speed Ahead! Shipbound Sports Festival’ Dungeon
 to exchange for various items.

- You can access the shop during the 2 weeks of the event and during the following week for a total of 3 weeks. 

- Once the 'Full Speed Ahead! Shipbound Sports Festival' event commences, Glunite, which can be utilized as a material for gear breakthrough, will be standardized as Event Glunite.

- Event Glunite can be used to breakthrough all event gear provided thus far.

- Following the update, all previously acquired event-exclusive breakthrough materials will be uniformly replaced with Event Glunite.
ㄴ  To be applied with the 4/23 update. 
- All event gear provided up to now can also serve as breakthrough materials for other event gear.
7) Event Bonus Hero
- Clearing the event dungeon, ‘Full Speed Ahead! Shipbound Sports Festival,’ with its main character heroes will grant bonus event currency. 
   (This does not apply to the initial clear rewards and stages cleared with a story team.) 

8) Event Rewards 
- You will be able to acquire a large amount of dungeon clear rewards and mission rewards including Normal/Special Recruitment Tickets and Ether. 

    ■ Dungeon Clear Rewards 

- You will be able to purchase the following items by spending event currency you have acquired. 

- The Event Shop can be found by visiting the event page and can be accessed by going to Lobby > Shop. 

    ■ Event Shop 


6. New Battle Pass and Packs

1) New Battle Pass
- A new Battle Pass will be added, featuring Aer's costume, Trainer Aer, as a reward.

# Battle Pass beginning date: 4/9 after the maintenance

# Battle Pass sale ends: 5/6 22:00 UTC
# Battle Pass ends: 5/7 00:00 UTC

2) Extra Pass Added
- When a Battle Pass Premium buyer reaches stage 20 and claims the rewards, the Extra Pass becomes activated.
    ㄴ After reaching stage 20 of the Battle Pass, purchasing the Battle Pass Premium will display available missions again.
         Players who have already purchased the Battle Pass Premium can continue progressing
         with missions even after reaching stage 20.

- The Extra Pass allows rewards to stack up each time you earn 300 Battle Pass points.
    You can claim them by tapping the 'Receive Rewards' button.

- As an Extra Pass reward, you can obtain 'Gems & Present Chests,'
   which consist of three Legendary Quality Present Selection Chests and three Stage 3 Gem Selection Chests.

3) New Packs
- Six new Packs will be added.

- Three new Packs will be added for new players.
   ㄴ A separate icon will be displayed for them in the lobby.

4) Initial Payment Improvements
- After the 4/9 update, an initial purchase reward will be added, and it can be obtained upon meeting the reward acquisition conditions.
 - Players can confirm their first purchase payment reward either through a popup window that appears upon entering the Shop or via an icon labeled 'First Purchase,' positioned on the left side of the lobby.

 [Obtained Reward]
  - Normal Recruitment Ticket (Event) x5
  - Special Recruitment Ticket (Event) x5
  - 5★ Legendary Weapon Selection Chest

- If you make your first purchase of any item in the Shop or within the lobby after the update on 4/9 (Tue),
   you will be eligible to obtain the reward.
※ After purchasing an item, you can obtain the reward through the ’First Purchase’ icon on the left side of the lobby.
      If you make your first purchase of an item within the lobby before entering the Shop,
      the first purchase reward popup will be immediately displayed.

5) Free Gift Added
- The following items will be added to the ‘Normal’ category.
 ㄴ Weekly Free Gift
 ㄴ Monthly Free Gift

7. Other Improvements

- After entering the Battle Pass, tapping a Hero will now display character motion effects.

- The number of Recruit banners shown at once will no longer be limited to 5 banners.

- Tapping a player’s profile in the chat will now bring up a pop-up displaying user information.

 - Adjustments will be made so that the boss name is displayed instead of the content name in the Special Request: Ecology Study and Special Request: Identification dungeon team formation screens.            

- The icon design has been adjusted to clearly differentiate between the Player Experience and Hero Experience icons displayed in the rewards.            

- The text 'Give Up' that appeared when tapping the stop button on the skill preview screen will be updated to 'Back.'

- Adjustments will be made so that when entering The Archdemon's Ruins, the final stage being progressed is displayed instead of the first stage.

- A confirmation popup will be added before choosing to quit a battle.

- The position of the red dot indicating the completion of guide quests will be adjusted.

- The touch area for guide quests has been expanded to cover the entire button area.

- In daily missions, inaccessible missions that have not yet been unlocked will now be placed at the bottom.

- Improvements will be made to the Ranking Challenge button in the event dungeon, which previously appeared as if it was disabled.

- The filter icon in the Hero Codex has been unified with the filter icons of other content.

- A Skill Burst description will be added to the tutorial.

- Improvements will be made to the alignment and font size of the gear stat text.

- The text spacing for text in the equipment dungeon will be adjusted.

- Shading will be added to the Recruit period text on the right side of the Recruit screen to enhance readability.

- Improvements will be made to the "NEW" tag that would be displayed for both new recruits and existing recruits on the recruit screen.
  ㄴ New Hero: NEW
  ㄴ Existing Hero: Pick Up

- Event dungeon stories will be added to the Codex.
 ㄴ Players can now view event stories that have been completed since the creation of their account.
 ㄴ The story for the permanent event dungeon ‘The Reaper and the Gangster’ and any future event dungeon stories will be viewable after clearing the final stage.

- A notification will be added to inform players that the Arena defense deck will not be saved if they leave the screen without saving the defense team.

- Some typos in Help and Tutorial will be fixed.

- The background color of the loading screen image upon game login will be changed.

8. Error Fixes 

- An issue will be fixed where Demiurge Drakhan's Priority doesn't increase if Astei dies and is resurrected after Demiurge Stella's Revenge.

- An issue will be fixed where Kanon's skill 2 passive does not activate when Demiurge Astei is defeated by a critical strike from Demiurge Stella's Revenge.

- An issue will be fixed where the screen is displayed improperly and the back button does not respond when moving to a different screen from the Joint Challenge screen via certain pop-ups.

- An issue will be fixed where the PvP defense team was displayed in the sweep results of Special Request after saving the PvP defense team, when the hero level increased during the sweep.            

- An issue will be fixed where the Priority increase effect of Alice's Burst skill 3 was abnormally applied.

- An issue will be fixed where when Unhealable was applied the related effects were not displayed for certain Heroes. 

- Adjustments will be made to the level 5 enhancement effect description for Mero's Skill 2.
 ㄴ Before: +1 turn buff duration
 ㄴ After: +1 turn caster's buff duration

- An issue will be fixed where the 'Finish Chain' tooltip was displayed in the description of Kanon's skill chain.

- An issue will be fixed where attempting to enter a stage when the inventory is full resulted in players entering the stage or a 'Invalid Request' pop-up being displayed.

- An issue will be fixed where it was impossible to set a duration for the power save mode during Repeat Battling.

- An issue will be fixed where an "Invalid request" popup is displayed when pressing the "Give Up" button while in a Guild Raid Practice Battle.

- An issue will be fixed where the 'New Side Story' message appeared twice upon clearing Adventure 2-3 for the first time.

- Duplicate content between the help pages 1 and 2 of the Base Antiparticle Generator will be removed.

- Typos in the notification message displayed when attempting to enter a Retrieve Upgrade Stone Dungeon that cannot be progressed will be corrected.

- The text in the Elements & Advantages help section will be updated.

- An issue will be fixed where returning user-exclusive buffs were applied to all users.

- An issue will be fixed where the game would not progress after tapping the back button following the selection of Hero > Random Hero > moving in one direction ten times.

- An issue will be fixed where heroes would attack Ksai when touching the Inferior Core in the Guild Raid Battle ‘Prevent World Alteration.’     

- An issue will be fixed where the message "Select a Gem to transform." was incorrectly displayed as "Register Gems to combine." in the Change Gem Stats window.

- An issue will be fixed where after another character uses an AoE skill, Charlotte's 'Fierce Soloist' effect fails to activate upon using her skill 2.

- An issue will be fixed where the sound effects for the boss "Ars Nova" in stages 11 and 12 of the Special Request: Identification [Light] were not playing.

- An issue will be fixed where the Special Request tutorial was not progressing correctly.

- An issue will be fixed where the game could not proceed when only one hero piece remained, and the player attempted to sweep the Doppelgänger dungeon.

- The issue where reward information text would sometimes be displayed as string IDs has been resolved.

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Hello. Do you have any plans for some collaborations with kpop idols or animes for the future? Cause I was wondering since epic seven got their first collab 8 months after release date and soon it will be outerplanes 1 year anniversary.


it seems like they silently removed D Astei's instant turn after dying. It wasnt written in her S2, but it did so after maxing the skill. After the update she suddenly didnt get that insta turn anymore. Is there any info regarding that?

Incredible stuff, love the new battle pass and Aer skin. Will definitely get that and pull for both Stella and the new hero :)

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