[Event] World Boss Beta Test Participation Event (Winners Announcement)
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Winners Announcement


Winners Announcement

[Event] World Boss Beta Test Participation Event (Winners Announcement) [57]

The Action Anime, OUTERPLANE
 Hello. This is GM Lisha!

New challenge content, World Boss, where players can challenge powerful bosses and compete in rankings!
Thank you to all players who participated and took their time to send us feedback!

 We will draw upon the invaluable insight provided to us by our players, and do our best to return with a more enjoyable World Boss experience!

We want to express our thanks once more to all the Masters who took part in the event. Here are the 5 survey event winners !

 # Survey Winners (5): Special Recruitment Ticket (Event) x5













※ Please Note
 - This event was conducted in accordance with OUTERPLANE’s [Event Regulations].
- Winners will be selected from everyone who participated in the same event on the STOVE community (KR/EN/TW).
- The event reward will be sent to your in-game mailbox on 3/29 (Fri). (Storage period: 7 days)
- To protect privacy, the nicknames of the winners are partially obscured.
- Players who submitted inaccurate in-game account details when participating in the event may be unable to receive rewards.
- If you have any questions about the event, please submit your inquiry through the STOVE community or customer service.

Thank you.

 - The first beta test of a new challenge content, World Boss, where players can challenge powerful bosses and compete in rankings based on their results, is starting. 

 As rewards are given based on the final ranking,
 we encourage you to make the most of the [World Boss] content, which will be available until 3/19.😊

 Moreover, we await your opinions for a better environment and service.
 We will distribute rewards for all participants, and there is also a chance for 5 random winners to receive additional rewards, so we anticipate your participation.


[Event Period]

3/12 (Tue) ~ 3/26 (Tue) before the maintenance


[How to Participate]

1) Enjoy World Boss content

2) Leave a comment on this post about your experience with World Boss content using the following format: [Nickname/Server/Details].


[Event Reward]

Participation Rewards: Special Recruitment Ticket (Event) x 2

Random Winners Rewards: Special Recruitment Ticket (Event) x5


[Rewards Distribution Date]

3/29 (Fri)


 Please Note
- If you do not correctly enter your nickname and the server you are playing on, you will be excluded from the event.
- The reward will be given to the account that you used to participate in the event.
- Participants can only win one event prize per account and duplicate entries will be exempt from receiving rewards. 
(You cannot participate in the same STOVE community event in other languages.)
- The event reward will be sent to your mailbox. (Storage period: 7 days)
- For more details about our event policy, please visit our [Event Regulations] page.


We kindly ask for your participation.


Thank you.

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JUBEI/Global/This mode is extremely difficult for begginer players

MVector3k/ ASIA I/ This mode is for veteran players only because it's pretty hard. It easily wiped out my team with the boss without taking a turn. I wish that there's a difficulty level to be selected. And also, I wish that there's a shorter time in giving the rewards after that event.

Licialove666/Global. It seems really fun but definitely is extremely difficult 

TouchMe123/Global/ The event is fun,  but I never found the need to **** out to my secondary.The boss did have a one shot mechanic as well which made it difficult.

kirua/Asia2/Too dependant on a fully transcended D.Valda. Feels quite dem****ising. 

VetoVII/Global/It's extremely difficult. Slow down the boss a bit.

Haydes/Global/Wish we can see the character setups from the top hitter

Hatchy/Global/Fun till you instant wipe with 2nd boss. Definitely for people who have a ton of super red gears and equipment. Not new player friendly at all

MagixAdept / Asia II / It's trash. SmileGate did the textbook money grabbing idea of making new content completable only if you use $$$ to get the newest p2w hero. You can only get S rank with great gear as a veteran player but if you want the full clear SSS sensation then you need a well invested 5*+ D. Vlada. No other hero has the ability to negate priority boosting effects and SmileGate purposely chose to take that class specific buff out of the phase 2 boss battle. In phase 1, I believe a healer has the ability to automatically negate priority boosts. 

If you want to be liked and respected, take a page from Nintendo with Dragalia Lost. They made powerful heroes drop shortly after new content as well and yes those heroes made the content incredibly easy to beat if you had them. That being said, it wasn't impossible to beat the content without them. With good strategy, gear, or both, you could beat new content without the new hero.

Porpia /Asia 1 /The boss speed is too fast and there are very few turns.

Six9ine/Global/ different levels of difficulty for new players.

Kaiver/Asia 1/ The World Boss Fir a New Player seems very hard as the boss speed is faster than The Players Hero, so it only deals A tiny damage

Prisoner627/Asia1/Interesting content

DarkWill/Global/interesting new content

S7R4WB3RRy/Global/good content for old-players, but at the moment for complete clearing (SSS) 6* DVlada is required, which hits hard for those who are not able to donate. There is no variety, what's the point of having an entire collection of heroes if most are useless? If you already use “drug” effects in PVE (example of the 2nd stage with 70% Priority in base skill), then at least give the opportunity to play with less popular heroes

Tsuツ/Global/Its fun but the boss is too overpowered and requires alot of hero adjustment and gear management also its attacks are too frequent to handle hope in the future it can be made better and less tedious.

INDONESIA/Asia1/Phase 2 Boss is really terrible, and based on speed. If under 200 speed, The boss will wipe your team with 99999999 dmg, not only that, we need new light/dark healer with buff speed for all ally. The faenan isn't enough. So please the next demiurge will be healer of light or dark :)

KratosTomatoes/Global/Have a hard time getting to S Rank. Needs a better tutorial on the phases. 

Shiramyun/Asia1/fun content

Zelfus/Global/This new content is pretty fun !

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