작성 시간 2023.12.03

Status Effects and a 1st kill of Demiurge Astei

So I posted a while ago that a skill that comes with a negative status effect should operate like this:Shot FiredDemi Astei diesDemi Astei RevivesStatus Effect applied to Demi Astei Demi Astei attacksAs it stands right now, the debuff *from a skill* is applied in her death state. To emphasize the point... *debuff from a skill*....bbuuuuuuuut....if you kill Demi Astei while wearing, for example, Noblewoman's Guile which adds bleeding, that bleeding effect is applied *after* Demi Revives herself.There is no reason a weapon should be able to activate that extra effect *after* her self revive unless skills get upgraded to do the same thing with their effects. 

2023.12.03 06:33 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.12.03

Arena Loss and Win Points should not be absolute values of each other

A 20 point win should be -10 to the loser.A 10 point win should be -5 to the loser.A 5 point win should be -3 to the loser. While this is a common place, bland scoring system to work the +/-  that way, the current absolute value system of the match is too punitive... the only worse scoring system I've ever seen was the travesty of Diablo Immortal. Outerplane is much much much much too incredible to force a comparison like that for any reason. Please consider the children this holiday system and design better point values for us. thank you. 

2023.12.03 06:23 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.12.01

Drakhan, Stella e Tamara rate up

Que isso gente a drakhan acabou de ter rate up e já vai ter outro e a Tamara veio tem 2 meses, cadê rate up da mene, notia, aer e Leo.

2023.12.01 18:06 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.25

Please do *NOT* back down from the Event Ticket / Mileage [1]

I absolutely do not care about free to play opinions... mostly because it's abundantly obvious right now that all the exploits used in Arena Defense teams are exploits being used by the free to play community... not all of them, obviously, but spenders don't and aren't purposely building weak teams in order to use the exploits.As we sit on our thumbs waiting for the rest of the arena changes on 12/5, the fact that half the character changes have already been released amplifies the exploits exponentially until the Resurrection changes are implemented. Those people have raked in rewards from every angle in ways that shouldn't be possible. Let those of us that want to drop money on character growth give you our money. The people who have spent nothing and intentionally not developed characters, skills, and gear... they already got more than enough in the last 6 months.If you're reading and don't know what I'm talking about, I'm not outlining the full mechanics of the exploits used because we don't need any more people doing it than the 30-40% of people who are using them. It's absolutely out of control and the Resurrection changes should've been in like 2 months ago minimum, not still pending. On more positive notes:i do think *all* the achievements however should not be rewarding Event tickets. Those should be converted to regular since the achievements require time, diligence, and work.Similarly, the tickets given by the Season Pass should not be Event Tickets... there's just not enough p***** in a year for regular tickets in the pass to negatively affect anything. 10 per pass is 120 in a year, not even 1 mileage, which shouldn't concern the monetization team. And obviously the Demiurge rolls should always accumulate mileage since we only get like 60 free tickets every 3 months (which is 1.2 Mileage collections every year if one isn't buying more). It looks like it's still counting and I hope that stays that way cause that's more than fair. 

2023.11.25 02:19 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.23

Milleage ... my last day in this game. [1]

Revert changes to the mileage system nothing?Well, today was my last day logging into this game.I've been playing since launch day.And since the last update where voices arbitrarily changed the mileage system, the community has been filling you with a lot of negative feedback and requests for this not to be implemented, but you... simply ignore it.So I'm going to do the same, ignore this game.Sad, because this games is insane, but the administration is horrible.See ya

2023.11.23 12:39 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.21

Revert changes to the mileage system

Hey.Changing the mileage system was a mistake.At first I even defended it, because I understand that your money earnings need to increase for the game to maintain itself.I was only able to see how bad this change was after the update and actually witness it.But that's not the way, 6 of my 10 friends who play simply stop playing due to these changes (and they love this game).I feel that in the next few days I will also stop playing this, these are drastic changes that were not consulted by the gaming community and that made the game much worse.Revert the mileage changes, or unfortunately prepare to have an empty game.(follow the mold of the good things that epic 7 has, please)

2023.11.21 14:01 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.21



2023.11.21 05:52 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.20

Cooldown Increase application needs to be before Death

So right now, when Tamara scores a critical hit on Demiurge Astei, and the Cooldown Increase is successful, *and* the attack kills Demiurge Astei, the order of the actions is as follows:Critical HitDeathCooldown increase on Dead Character so *No Effect* is appliedResurrection of D. AsteiD. Astei has full skills availableWith the arena changes and after the update tonight, Tamara is the best counter to Astei. The best counter to Tamara is Alice.Alice will have a banner after tonight's update making her more prevalent to those who haven't already been using her.This is a perfect rock-scissors-paper situation if all Tamara's skills worked in an order that made sense.That Cooldown Increase should be applied to D. Astei after she uses her Resurrection on her ultimate skill. She will still get 80% Priority that will guarantee her next move, but there should be at least a chance for the attackers to force her to single target. The goal I'm asking for is the possibility of handling D.Astei as the best character in Arena, not allowing her to run rampant and not become obsolete either. While the new Demiurge Drakhan can arguably be *a* counter to D.Astei, she is absolutely going to have speed, timing, and damage all working very much against her... she is, in my opinion, really the perfect counter to Mene. 

2023.11.20 23:30 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.09

Varias recomendaciones para implementar a futuro [3]

Muy buenas, mi nombre es Chorch, soy uno de los pocos creadores de contenido del juego en habla hispana (o tal vez el único, según tengo entendido). Y quería dejarles varias recomendaciones para que piensen si pueden implementarlas a futuro, para mejorar aún más el juego. Ya que es uno de mis favoritos hoy día y quiero que siga existiendo por mucho tiempo .Con el tema de que aún faltan meter cosas, como el jefe mundial, el pvp en tiempo real y las towers elementales, les dejaré enumeradas algunas ideas para que tengan en cuenta a futuro:1) Agregar más personajes masculinos. Hoy día solo tenemos a Maxwell y a Leo como personajes masculinos de 3 estrellas. Y recuerden que también hay mujeres jugando el juego. A demás de que la gente lleva tiempo pidiendo más personajes masculinos. Sino, especifiquen que se convirtieron en un Waifu colector xD2) Sistema de Guerra de Clanes. Este otro modo de pvp, es algo que ya deberían de irse planteando el agregar. Esto atrae mucho a las personas.3) Poner como opción de agregar imágenes CG y artes de las Side History de los personajes para usar en el lobby. Esto es estético, y a mucha gente le gusta el poderse poner de imagen en el lobby una que sea de su agrado, en vez de los personajes.4) Skins gratis que sean lindas. A esto me refiero que entiendo que quieran sacar dinero mediante las skins de los pases, está perfecto. Pero el recompensar a sus jugadores F2P con alguna skin que también sea linda a la vista, no viene mal. Las que ya dieron se agradecen, ya que peor es nada. Pero la calidad de las de verano entre las de pago y la que regalaron... Dejó mucho que desear, y la de Halloween, fueron las mismas para dos personajes diferentes. Pero repito, es gratis y se agradece de todas formas.5) Eventos con nuevos modos de juegos. Pueden reutilizar la temática del Archdemon´s Ruins. O poner algo tipo tower defense. Seguro algo se les ocurrirá.6) Sistema de mascotas. Estas pueden dar estadísticas para los personajes, o ayudar con el farmeo, ya sea de oro o materiales para el sistema de crafteo de items.7) Sistema PVP de salas privadas para luchar con amigos. Esto es solo por diversión, ya que hay gente que le gusta pasar el tiempo tirando peleas entre amigos para probar composiciones de equipos o personajes, sin tener que gastar tickets de pvp.8) Agregar un cliente para PC. Esto es para la gente que no puede jugar desde su celular, ya sea porque es anticuado o porque le recalienta la batería. Y para los que tienen una mala experiencia al jugar en emuladores, porque les va con tirones, o tienen lag, etc. Entonces un cliente para PC optimizado, puede serles una buena solución, y así no tener que abandonar el juego.9) Agregar más idiomas. Esto entiendo que lleva tiempo y trabajo, a demás de dinero. Pero al menos podrían poner los tutoriales y las habilidades de los personajes en diferentes idiomas.10) Sistema de despertar personajes. Al haber personajes de 1 y 2 estrellas muy buenos o que se usan mucho. El agregar un sistema de despertar, con una nueva imagen y retoque de habilidades, es una buena adición al juego y el permitir que los personajes no mueran en el olvido.11) Poder poner hasta 4 o 5 personajes en el lobby. Esto es simplemente estético y ya que muchos juegos lo tienen, podrían expandirlo.12) Skin especial para el pvp en tiempo real. Esto puede servir como incentivo para jugar al pvp en tiempo real. Ya que hay gente a las que les aburre el pvp (yo incluido) y no tenemos nada que nos incentive a jugarlo. Solo un poco mas de ether como recompensa es lo único que vale.13) Rotación de personajes baneados en pvp. Esto sirve como contra medida para esos personajes que están rotos, entonces, en vez de tener que andar buffando o nerfeando personajes. El poner esta opción de ban rotativo, haría que el meta cambie constantemente. Ya que, por ejemplo, si están Mene y Demiurge Astei y Notia baneados, eso hará que tengas que elegir otros personajes para jugar, por lo que habría más diversidad.Y bueno, esas son algunas de las cosas que se me ocurrieron, viendo comentarios de la comunidad y pensando en otros juegos, para ver que puedan agregar, y de ésta forma, mejorar la calidad e interés de la gente con el juego.Saludos.

2023.11.09 12:09 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.08

Exclusive Equipment storage system have to be changed to unlimited

exclusive equipment storage system should be separate and not shared with any other kinds of equipments- they're a one-time claim from every single character- they cannot be sold or destroyed- all of them will eventually become part of player's collection- introducing new char = introducing new EE = requiring another storagewhich is why, again, they should have their own storage, and in form of unlimited, completely free from amount restriction, unlike current system where they even have to share slots with talismans

2023.11.08 13:11 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.07

Bad Designer

go back to the previous designer of the character collection screen, because the new one is very unpleasant. The designer also does the square when creating a team to play a dungeon or PvP before it was much more pleasing and stylish to the eye. but congratulations on the game's graphics, they have improved a lot, it is much more polished and pleasing to the eye, thank you.

2023.11.07 08:09 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.07

Bad Desiger

volte ao designer anterior da tela de coleção de personagens, pois o novo é muito desagradável. O designer também faz o certo ao criar uma equipe para jogar uma masmorra ou PvP antes que fosse muito mais agradável e estiloso aos olhos. mas parabéns pelos gráficos do jogo, melhoraram muito, está muito mais polido e agradável à vista, obrigado.

2023.11.07 08:04 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.11.03

About special gear

I wish we can upgrade the stars level of special gear... And maybe add feature so we can change the effect of special  gear 

2023.11.03 22:12 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.10.08

Gem run suggestion

Hello, hello. I have a suggestion! Currently, when it comes to the gem stage, we’re only able to do 3 runs(without using ether) total amongst the color gems available on that day so we have to pick and choose which one to do. My suggestion is 3 runs for each color that is available for that days. 

2023.10.08 03:39 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.09.27

Season 2 Hard 5-9

Is impossible to clear the stage, just like Stella it need to be nerfed, Stelope just now hit me 10900 damage and having them healing when you use non attack shouldnt be a thing,  a cool and tough fight is only nice when well balanced, this fight just like stella is like you crack the difficulty to skyrocket and forgot to put someone to test it to see if it was beatable

2023.09.27 17:42 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.09.25

About Gold

We need gain more gold from gold stage, I dont mean the event that make you gain 1 mi, we need more than that since combine gem cost a heck ton, I for example need to build a character that buff the team immunity for  season 2 hard mode 5-1, but I can't because I dont have money to craft gear, or combine gem, or refine, or reforge, why I dont have the gold ? because just combine a few gems cost 6 mi and daily you barely get 500k~600k

2023.09.25 15:47 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.09.20

Gear Limit [1]

I love this game, however I have a major gripe with the gear limit. As we get more and more characters, we need more and more gear to support them, with each character taking 6 gear, we can only at most gear about 83 units. I also like to keep around gear I may roll later, but necessarily have the resources for. Keeping all this gear around, means that I often run up against the gear limit while just doing the daily hunts. I don't have the time to evaluate dozens of items, and hope this system will be thought out a bit more. 

2023.09.20 01:48 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.09.12

my suggestion is please add 3x speed 2x speed isn't enough thanks for read. [1]

3x speed is fast to play.

2023.09.12 02:22 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.09.08


Notia silence on the s2 should ignore ER

2023.09.08 16:32 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.09.07

we need Arena Battle Skip Features [2]

dear the developer, please add some features to skip the battle in arena, this really **** when i against enemy which same strong with me, n all my time ended to wait this endless battle. how u can imagine im done waiting that arena battle untill 1 hours to end only cause both of us same strong, what a **** arena? 

2023.09.07 10:07 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.08.31

Fix the STONE STATUS changes and more

I suggest changing the effect of the status change stone on the equipment. For it makes no sense for a statute-changing stone to change the maximum slot of that attribute. example: If in some substatus I got 120 of attack there is no point in changing the stone to lower this slot, the best thing would be that the effect of the stone caused change ONLY in the attribute and not in the general slot this is literally discouraging even more that some players mostly take weeks to farm a single stone.the other suggestion is to implement higher levels of the guild Mini-bosses to earn more rewards and chests, bosses of higher levels to have more compensation in chests.sorry if in some part of this text have some errors or something liek that and thanks for the great work but fix the stone change effect on max slots on the weapons and acessory's

2023.08.31 04:10 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.08.30

Language PT-BR (100 days and nothing ....)

Please improve the language PT-BR ingame.Many skills are confusing for us as well as the story.

2023.08.30 02:06 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.08.28

Release Damage percentages [2]

Can we PLZ have damage percentages...All skills just say does dmg. Scale with dmg. Adds dmg. and the skill up says increase by 10%I'm rusty on my math but I have no idea what Does dmg X 10% = ??

2023.08.28 15:48 (UTC+0)
작성 시간 2023.08.14

Add more function in Guild [1]

1. Need a column to see weekly contribution point instead of to see daily ticket use. It help to more ez management guild2. Need a guild chat table when people come into guild and don't be noise by notification of item , hero obtain. So other people in guild can be read the message when they offline and when online they can see it. As of now the function chat in guild is useless and noone can use it because a lot of notification about obtain items and they dont open the chat message.proposal idea:

2023.08.14 05:54 (UTC+0)