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double down on flakes [3]

Yummy flakes

2024.07.11 08:33
작성 시간 07.03.2024

World Boss Token can't be earned daily?? [2]

How to earn wb token? Why per session only once??? Why not daily??? Hey dev, please answer me 😡🤬

2024.07.03 05:33
작성 시간 06.11.2024

they are payed for this [2]

When the boss stun lock the team( stun every turn the entire team) until you die on terminus island remember, someone is getting payed for that, makes you feel alot better right?

2024.06.11 22:20
작성 시간 06.01.2024

Iota recent worries

She is 1000% talking about Yu-gi-oh xD

2024.06.01 18:22
작성 시간 06.01.2024

Terminus isle stuck? [1]

During the exploration I have mandatory dark heroes and faced with the dumb frog king that I cannot beat with dark heroes since theres no dark healer or buffer or any hero that can remove the invuln. But I cannot cancel these explorations either. So am I now stuck here? I cannot progress or reset the area to do a new exploration. Will this reset on its own?

2024.06.01 03:32
작성 시간 05.29.2024

Finally beat season 2 part 1 hard 5-9 [1]

I would like to thank Tamamo as the newest addition, Vlada, Eternal and Valentine, also, beat hard 5-10 too since the only unfair and unbalanced fight was the 5-9

2024.05.29 22:40
작성 시간 05.26.2024

This developer ignore the players [2]

I being complainning about season 2 part 1 hard 5-9 being unbeatable, the closest I reach was astei with 2,800 hp left and guess what ? she heal to 70 % in 2 turns and even though I made more than one post saying about how unbeatable it is I keep getting ignored, I refuse to start season 2 part 2 until I beat this stage and since the developer doesnt give two F about people stuck on stages this means I will never beat, and I here thinking the Hunts having 30 Turns limit on a boss who gets invencibility undispellable was bad, is like nobody actually test it

2024.05.26 20:38
작성 시간 05.26.2024

(spoilers) Finished Season 2 Part 2 last night (spoilers)

And I have to say, I loved it! Honestly, I wasn't expecting that K and Tamara would meet this season, and I am glad they finally did. The cutscene transformation with Drakhan and Vlada was also beautiful. The plotline setup with the Irregulars to tease the upcoming season is also great - giving us an idea on what comes next. Monad Eva coming in with an RKO out of nowhere to beat Drakhan was majestic. I really didn't expect her to show up at the last minute, since she's a recently introduced character. Here's hoping current timeline Eva makes her comeback in the next season. I almost forgot, Epsilon was very cute and funny during the entirety of season 2. She reminds me of HK-47 from KOTOR. Her Toy Story reference was hilarious. Tamamo-no-Mae Event: The VN style with the event, giving us our own character was rather unexpected. I hope to see you folks use that more in the future. I loved the illusion of choice you gave us with refusing the vacation, since it lead to a funny backstory wi

2024.05.26 15:05
작성 시간 05.22.2024

Cant switch scenes in Map

As subject, i cant switch scenes from 7-12 to 8-1 in Season 2/normal. While in a dialog i click skip the heroes conversation between Vlada and Veronica, the screen turn dark. my sever asia 1, nick in game CoffeeVN

2024.05.22 09:55
작성 시간 05.21.2024

Lost Pieces of Kanon [2]

Well this is strange. You can buy pieces of her directly from the shop. But when you do the daily quest to get the free ones, she's gone. Now I'm gonna get delayed trying to max her asap -_-.

2024.05.21 07:18
작성 시간 05.08.2024

Immunity Set Gear Doesn't Work [1]

Everytime i met Dahlia, Her Ulti always successfully froze all my team. Not only that, Tamara's Ulti always successfully decrease CD all of my team, even i use immunity set gears but the immunity doesn't work! #immunitynotwork #bugreport

2024.05.08 14:35
작성 시간 05.08.2024

Game So Broken Anniversary Special [2]

Wow its been awhile since I displayed the broken mess of a game we have here. A lot of missed opportunities when I just wasn't recording. So this time, I bring a whole 3 vids all just in time to celebrate. Happy Anniversary!!!! First up we have the little Tammy who just couldn't. She was so tired of being abused she just tried to run away. Thanks for the arena loss..... Next up we have a case of Dahlia being so broken she just freezes the planet. Immunity set? What's that. I'll freeze the universe itself!!! Thanks for the arena loss..... Finally I thought I had a missed video chance but the game was so broken it decided to keep me locked in a permanent instance of broke. You're gonna need a lot more than Reparo to fix this hot garbage. Why 3 out of 4 heroes have immunity set on? Ok looks fine to me annnnd it's gone. Well that's not gonna work too well in a fight with Dahlia. Maybe after the previous vid she really did find out how to bypass immunity. Thanks for 2 arena losses..... You'

2024.05.08 04:56
작성 시간 04.02.2024

Que meta de pvp nojento

Sempre a mesma defesa D.Vlada,Tamara,Dahlia e Mene D.Vlada s3 e s2, Dahlia com s3,Tamara com s3, ai vem D.Vlada de novo com burst lvl3 na s1 e s2 de novo, ai vem Dahlia com s2 congelando e shield e fica assim sem nada pra fazer já que vc perde os buffs, não pode curar, é congelado, reduz a velocidade e toma reset. D.Vlada,D.Astei,Notia,Mene D.Vlada s3 e s2, Notia s2 só nisso alto dano com redução de ataque e envenenamento que reduz ganho de prioridade e causa dano, ai o time dele joga primeiro e toma s3 da notia e s3 da D.Astei, se você levar a D.Stella ela da revenge após a s2 da notia mata a D.Astei ela volta com a s3 e te mata O legal é que não tem counter pra isso D.Stella: não da revenge em D.Vlada e na Dahlia Epsilon: não consegue jogar antes do time adversário por causa da passiva D.Vlada Mene,Tio e Lyla:morre fácil e volta pra morrer de novo além de tomar reset e silence da Tamara e notia D.Astei: morre fácil e não consegue pegar turno por causa da D.Vlada D.Drakhan: morre sem

2024.04.02 10:17
작성 시간 04.01.2024

Took my gold...AGAIN! [2]

You all took my gold TWICE now, I had 10.7mil before going to bed and now I have 200k? What the hell is going on!

2024.04.01 09:56
작성 시간 03.27.2024

Glich OUT of Arena Map [1]

So many Gliches, Skills Gliches in arena out of Arena map 😩, not only that when fighting with BOSS, the BOSS is dissapeared when hit

2024.03.27 03:05
작성 시간 03.08.2024

PVP is a Joke [3]

How will the devs fix this bloat damage meta. Cant even counter them unless you also do the same team .Absolutely a joke you cant even experiment in PvP anymore without getting punished by meta team who can erase all buff and give unbuffable. Cant play stall because enemy will give 10 different debuffs and outspeed me 3 times before i can even make a turn...oh wait no. you cant even have a turn because your team will be wiped before turn 2 even starts. Devs are a joke when balancing. They really want this game to be similar to epic 7

2024.03.08 15:02
작성 시간 02.27.2024

This Game ...

Thanks to them changing how this game is for f2p I couldnt get both Demiurge Drakhan and now Vlada, less currency+event ticket+event pull not counting toward pity, you can make of fun of me for not spending on this game but can you blame me when the developer do those toxic changes to **** more money from players? I can't even say I feel bad for this game revenue being low - at this point just close the game, fire the person behind all those crap decisions on outerplane and focus on epic seven, this game isn't original enough to deserve a spot it is just epic seven 3D, they didn't even bother to design a different battle system for a new IP

2024.02.27 18:49
작성 시간 02.15.2024

Phone verification on discord

Where can I receive the verify code

2024.02.15 12:32
작성 시간 02.05.2024

lost because he evade [2]

My usual 10~14k s3 got dodge and dealt 80 (exactly 80 ) damage, no wonder people dont play this game for too long maybe I should also quit, if Azur Lane teach me something is that a good art isn't a reason to play a boring - in this case broken - game

2024.02.05 22:53
작성 시간 02.02.2024

Revenue dropped

Before you white knight I will make clear I'm just pointing out the drop

2024.02.02 15:46
작성 시간 01.21.2024

HEY DEVS! What the h*** happened to your "Abolishing the Speed Meta Mission"?

I'm concerned about the recent trend of introducing heroes with highly powerful abilities that disrupt the game's balance. Take Charlotte, for instance. Her skill that grants her allies 25% priority when enemies use AOE skills feels particularly problematic, as it heavily favors her team getting a very high advantage in TURNS. THIS IS CLEARLY OUT OF THAT f****d up statement you made about SPEED being the least important stat!!!!!! That skill alone can render other strategies ineffective. Additionally, her ability to gain 30% priority after using her EE further adds fuel to the fire! I understand the need for meta changes to keep the game fresh but I believe introducing such potent abilities in a single hero isn't the best approach. It can lead to frustration for players who have invested in other strategies and make the game feel more about individual hero dominance than team composition and strategic thinking. THINK DEVS! THINK! FFS! I am so tired of fighting for this game and I'm abo

2024.01.21 14:01
작성 시간 01.16.2024

E7 and Outerplane 0 Event [2]

Damn, took everyone from the team just to design RTA for one game ? xD

2024.01.16 15:21
작성 시간 01.15.2024

Remember when they said Speed wont be the most mandatory stat? [5]

They lied. Literally everyone goes 310 speed and its impossible to even make a move if your units aren't 290 or 300. No use building other sets since they can outspeed for 5 turns

2024.01.15 13:19
작성 시간 01.13.2024

Fraude em evento [1]

Quando saiu a última lista de vencedores do evento de captura de tela pareceu familiar alguns nomes e quando fui olhar as listas antigas são quase sempre as mesma pessoas e se você procurar esses nomes no evento de captura de tela não tem nenhum screenshot com esses nomes Exemplo Mage**** ganhou 2 vezes nesses eventos procurem no evento de captura alguém com Mage não tem ninguém

2024.01.13 10:19