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About the Codex

I never realize that the codex on the "profile" tab is Eva who does a introduction about the character (Alpha too) really neat little detail, it reminds me of Tales Of Zestiria where all mobs had a unit team dialogue at the start of the battle and you could also see more info on the monsters information where they talk even more about the monster itself between them, thats a really cool details that I never realize about this game codex, I totally recommend reading since I will be doing also the same now that I notice xD

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Special gear gem managment is otherworldly costly on gold

Smiilegate  do you really check your the cost from combining gems for special gear? for a game with a really low amount of gold earned by players  , why do you it  is wise to create a  rigged system with multiple layers , rng and ultra costly making impossible for F2P players for min maxing their special gear? we have something like six  lvl of special gear gems.  Stage 6 gem give 4 times the amount of stats of lvl 3 and for this you need to blow gallows of billions of gold seriously?Do you f****** test your own ****?  anyway P2W dead game

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E7 is 15%, here is 100% evade [2]

Why they go out of their way to annoy us? I have to wonder

2023.09.02 04:30 (UTC+0)
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Saeran burst has a bad description [1]

Her burst 3 revive but this is incorrect, she grant/buff you  with revive status, not revive a fallen unit and this made me lose a match for thinking she would revive my team, please make this burst description more clear

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Ok SmileGate, I'm starting to like you

You gave us the option to see skin we don't own now, one thing I have being complaining since the first skin release( I think it was Rin skin), for that I will give it to you...thank for you adding the option to preview!!!

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Skip ticket [1]

Please remove the use of skip ticket or at least increase the amount you gain from buying stamina, buy 60 and get 2 ticket is useless, you can't even use them to spend the stamina should be minimum 5 tickets per 60 stamina OR like I'm always saying remove the need of use the ticket itself, is a pointless system

2023.08.13 17:41 (UTC+0)
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gotta love miss my attacks [1]

Thanks developer for not think before making EVADE a status!!! Thanks to you I hate this game for a dumb reason

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Stella demiurge summons carried over to next banner? [6]

Hello, Does anybody know if the current Stella demiurge summons and pity mileage transfer to the next Banner? I thought so, but I couldn't find a source to prove it.  Any feedback is welcome ^^

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IS this a bug or just BAD CODING ? [3]

Valentine S1 push the unit with the highest attack by 20 %, my team has Valentine/ Rin/ Laplace;Rin has 3522 attack, Laplace has 3410 attack, can you explain WHY VALENTINE IS PUSHING LAPLACE EVERYTIME!?  speed rng isn't enough we also have ATTACK RNG ???????????????????????/

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Another suggestion to be ignored [3]

Counter Attack Shouldn't proc when the character with counter set/skill dodge the attack, makes no sense you miss the hit and still be punish by a counter attack

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Is official I HATE THIS GAME [2]

ANOTHER @ss game done by SmileGate, no balance or whatsoever, no people on chat, developer doesn't give a damn to fix this game problem and those stupid people saying to other stop complaining is the cherry on the Cake, I somehow hate this game more than epic seven and surprise ? both from the same @ss publisher, takes skill to be this bad I just wish games like this didn't last long but what can you say ? the worse the game the more people whale, just look at genshin impact with those granny underwear

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save the game! [3]

the game is excellent, but it will die like this!it is poorly balancedimprove the old charactersmale character balanceless evasivemore content"fewer meta characters"follow in the steps of epic sevenand put the languages ES and PT-BR

2023.08.05 11:27 (UTC+0)
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Evasion shouldnt be a thing in arena [5]

Evasion shouldnt be a character stats, a skill is okay. Miss everytime even though i had the elemental advantage. Lost againts a team of 2 unit because of evasion. I quit now.

2023.08.04 11:44 (UTC+0)
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I love how they don't intend to fix this game balance [2]

Is funny because smilegate has epic seven for years and somehow still made this game more broken than that, to make matters worse they don't even try to fix it, I'm sure there are people who don't care but let me give you a example : Can you ACTUALLY use a unit that has debuff in their skills on the Arena ? Just let that sink for a minute

2023.08.02 03:05 (UTC+0)
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I'm this close from quitting it

The more I play this game the angrier I get with the arena and the lazy developer who doesn't address all this game problem, people complain and they don't give a rat ass, new side story should be something nice but instead I'm super angry from the stupid arena fights that I just want to skip the whole thing and be done with it

2023.08.01 05:10 (UTC+0)
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Is just me? [1]

The more you do Arena more you hate this developer ?

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People complaining about everything. [2]

Cada vez que leo esto, veo gente quejándose de todo. Ustedes, las personas de habla inglesa que tienen el juego completamente traducido, sigan quejándose, el juego es nuevo, no esperen que esté completamente pulido y con un contenido extenso, deben darle tiempo a los desarrolladores para pulir más el juego. En mi caso el juego me parece bueno y que para poder leer la historia tengo que estar usando los lentes de google del traductor, ya que hablo español... Como me gustaria que lo tradujeran a mi lengua materna... pero en fin... PD Es un buen juego, sigue agregando buen contenido, al menos seguiré comprando el pase, aunque no esté en mi idioma, ya que me gustó el concepto... saludos!

2023.07.27 23:22 (UTC+0)
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This game is annoying me just like Epic Seven

So many fucup things happen on the arena that is hard to like this stupid game

2023.07.26 04:04 (UTC+0)
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Scam [3]

THis game is a scam. I've been playing since day 1. And my account is deleted.  ALL MY PROGRESSION IS JUST GONE. I bought the battle pass 2. Now I regret it. No ONE has responding to my inquiries about why I can't log in. I was playing the game earlier. Before I went to sleep I just got the main character his EE. I go to sleep try to log in and get a massage saying invalid account confirm. I didn't  click it because I thought it was a hack. Since I log in using Google Gmail. But nooooo. The game reboot and started me OVER FROM THE BEGINNING.  WHERE IS MY ACCOUNT.

2023.07.25 04:50 (UTC+0)
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240 and 262 hit missing all hits on 400 evade

And there are still braindead saying " people who make a character 400 evade put alot of effort " yeah, right, keep licking the developer boot like a good lapdog

2023.07.24 18:30 (UTC+0)
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I believe in Laplace Supremacy

Change my mind!

2023.07.21 19:14 (UTC+0)
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Noa bugs in Tyrant and Glicys

I’m getting really tired of having to be angry about Noa, but Glicys today has really made me angry.Tyrant is exploitable by Noa because she is not properly effected by the -95% damage reduction to non-healers and non-strikers. I suspect it’s the portion of the damage that comes from max HP scaling that isn’t affected.Glicys is exploitable by Noa because Noa’s S1 doesn’t heal her weakness gauge when minions are spawned, even though it is a single target attack. Say what you will about the follow up, but there is precedent for this WG healing to take place anyway because the big bug will do this and recover even from WG 0 in the middle of a chain attack.Noa is still one of the most overturned characters in the game even after the fairly major CP changes, so I’m tired of seeing things like this associated with a character that’s already so busted. It’s unfair to balance the game around the fact that she was available in the selector because it was unreasonable to expect people to know that she would come up time and time again as a problem like this.People using these exploits on Tyrant and Glicys didn’t even know they were exploits because Noa would’ve still been a good choice without them. That doesn’t change the fact that those fights are marginalized by these bugs and that those victories are now baked into the history of the game. If Noa is going to continue to be used as a progression baseline on the notion that everyone will have her and testing for this character is going to continue to be lackadaisical for the same reason, then SG just needs to give the character to ACTUALLY everyone, instead of having this selector banner being an unfair trap. Even the extremely weak “should’ve found a beta tier list” argument no longer applies because the turn limits that cause the problems for these boss exploits didn’t exist when the game first came out.Reader, it would be very easy to just dismiss this because you did take Noa from the banner, but I encourage you to remember that we want Outerplane to exist a long time, but we don’t have a Hoyo-like playerbase. We don’t need a trap like this giving the game a way to atrophy players, even if it’s a small portion of them. If Noa has been deemed so critical by design mistakes and coding problems, then they just need to get rid of the selector banner entirely and give Noa to everyone. Put Rhona on the selector banner instead and put Noa in her slot, and send everyone that was already playing 250 Noa shards.  At the very least, in the current state of the game, Noa needs to be a permanently available rate-up banner.I, for one, am growing so angry about this character being a problem over and over and over and being told “There’s nothing to see here” that I’m considering just throwing my hands up and seeking refunds.

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About Summon [1]

Hi Gm 10 pull are guarantee to get a least 1 2 stars hero right? plz dont make me cry :(

2023.07.18 10:36 (UTC+0)