Autumn Harvest Mission Event

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Past Events


Past Events

Autumn Harvest Mission Event [1]

The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello there, Wizards! GM Lizzy dropping in!


Complete missions and earn various rewards in this amazing Autumn event!

Check out the details below and complete daily missions to receive rewards every day!


 Event Details

- Event Period: 9/14 (Thu) 02:00 ~ 10/4 (Wed) 06:00 UTC

- How to Participate: Tap on [Event] in the Lobby screen, then on the [Autumn Harvest Mission Event] banner.


 Autumn Harvest Mission Event 




Visit the Square 1 time

Fast-Forward: 10 Min x5

Dye Costume 1 time

16-Color Dye Ticket x2

Complete Expedition or Dispatch 5 times

Compass x5

Complete Requests 30 times

2 Witches' Gem Box x2

1) Check out the four mission details every day to receive daily rewards! 

2) Completing a mission will activate the [Receive] button! 

3) Tap on the activated button to receive the rewards in your mailbox!

4) The missions and rewards will reset at 15:00 UTC every day, so don’t forget to participate daily!


 Please Note

 ※ All rewards from this event will be sent to your mailbox.

 ※ Please request a 1:1 Inquiry via [Customer Support] if you have any questions regarding the event.


That’s it for today! I’ll be back with more fun content soon!

Thank you.

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알림이 해제되었습니다.

I'm looking forward to the event 💖

I love events and event rewards period! The more events, the better! 

Some people don't like one time only events, and they prefer if the events come back eventually. 

I'm grateful for beautiful things to do in the Autumn weather! That makes me so happy 💖🍂🍁🍁🍂💖

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