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Magical Atelier
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9/30 (Sat) Update Notice [6]

The Stylish Fantasy World!


This is GM Chris.


New Costumes and Furniture that give off autumn vibes will become available on 9/30 after 15:00 UTC! Check out the patch notes below to catch a glimpse of what autumn-tinted Serentis looks like!


Service for Magical Atelier is scheduled to end on October 31. Updates to Costumes and Furniture will continue until the service closure. Please refer to the following announcement for detailed information about the service closure. 

▶️ Magical Atelier Service Ending Notice 

◈ Autumn Cottage Collection (5★)

- One set of Costumes will be added to K&Q Workshop, Probability Up Draw banner, and Craft Costume list on 9/30 after 15:00 UTC.


◈ Autumn Cottage Dyes (5★)

- Preview in all dye colors

◈ Autumn Cottage Costumes/Acquisition

◈ Maple House Collection (4 ~ 5★)

- One Furniture set will be added to K&Q Workshop, Draw banner, and Craft Furniture list on 9/30 after 15:00 UTC.

◈ Maple House Furniture Details

◈ Maple House Furniture Acquisition

※ Furniture marked with * cannot be obtained by drawing, but by crafting or purchasing the set.

◈ Costume & Furniture Set Effect Added

- 1-5★ “Stee” will be added as a new Doll on 9/30 after 15:00 UTC.

- With the addition of new Dolls, the probability of Dolls crafted with a particular ratio of materials will be adjusted. The probability of the Dolls’ Grade (1-4★) will remain unchanged.

- 1-4★ Dolls can be obtained at random by Crafting at the Doll Workshop.

- 5★ Dolls can be acquired from Collection.
- 4★ Autumn Cabin Stee will be guaranteed as a Merlin Pass (October) reward.

◈ Doll Set Effect Added

- One set effect related to “Stee” will be added.

◈ Celebrate the New Costume Updates! Probability Up 10x Draw Discount Event

- Schedule: 9/30 15:00 ~ 10/30 14:59 UTC

- Details: 10% discount on 10x Premium Draw for the new Costume Set (1,000 Bucks → 900 Bucks)

- Target: Autumn Cottage Probability Up Costume Draw

◈ Changes to K&Q Workshop Costume Purchase

1. New Costume Banner

- Probability Up Draw and Craft Costume banner will be added on 9/31 after 15:00 UTC.

- [Autumn Cottage] Probability Up Costume Draw / Craft Costume

2. Removing of [Probability Up Draw] Banners

- Some Probability Up Draws will end and the Costumes from those banners will be added to Special Premium Draw and Premium Draw list on 9/30 after 14:59 UTC.

- [Subject E01], [Afternoon Tea] Probability Up Costume Draw


◈ Changes to K&Q Workshop Furniture Purchase

1. New Furniture Banner

- Furniture of the Month Draw and Craft Furniture banner will be added on 9/30 after 15:00 UTC.

- [Maple House] Set / Furniture of the Month [Maple House] Draw / Craft Furniture

2. Removing of [Furniture of the Month Draw] Banners

- A number of Furniture of the Month Draw and Furniture Set will end, and their Furniture will be added to the Free Draw list on 9/30 after 14:59 UTC. 

- Furniture of the Month [Conqueror of the Sea] / [Conqueror of the Sea] Set, Furniture of the Month [After Sunset] / [After Sunset] Set, Furniture of the Month [Arpen Dormitory] / [Arpen Dormitory] Set

※ These Craft Furniture banners will remain in the Furniture Workshop and the corresponding Furniture can be obtained by crafting.


◈ Changes to the Point Shop [K&Q Stamp Shop]

1. New Items

- More items that can be purchased with K&Q Stamps at the Point Shop will be added on 9/30 after 15:00 UTC.

2. End of Sale Items

- Certain items will be removed from the Point Shop on 9/30 after 14:59 UTC.

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알림이 해제되었습니다.

is there a way to contact customer service? the customer service page has been blank since the release.

I loved The Maple House Collection too! 

I previewed The Autumn Cottage Collection Costumes and Furniture today, and I loved it! 

Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.!!! I can't wait to see the Autumn Cottage Collection! 

You guys over there at Smilegate do and did an EPIC JOB on Magical Atelier, and don't you ever forget it! You're loved very much and everything on this game is Top 3 at an example E3 Convention and things like that!

I'm truly going to miss you guys at Smilegate. I personally think it's too early. Google Play Store released Google PC Games Beta too. PC, crossplay, crossgen!!! 💲👁️👁️💸

Amazon Prime Gaming and Twitch Streaming and everything!!!

Are you keeping your Website and Social Media Platforms up? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube? I'd love to spend time there at all of those places. 

My favorite furniture set of all time was definitely the After Sunset! Omg my wife and I love it so much, we're making it a DIY project in real life. I'm going to try to roleplay, cosplay, replicate it as best as I can. She loves fairies too! There's certain fairy furniture pieces from other furniture sets that also accommodate the After Sunset furniture set very nicely. So well done and thank you so much! My favorite set was Private Island lol. I loved that flooring too

I was wondering if you guys were going to have a website with a whole bunch of merchandise, fashion, anime, and furniture? I know some people would love the stuffed dolls in real life too!

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