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Past Events


Past Events

[Community] Global Prized Doll Exhibition Event ✨ [14]

The Stylish Fantasy World!

Hello there, Wizards! GM Lizzy dropping in!


Dolls work hard every day at the Atelier, cleaning and earning Gold!

Aren’t they just the sweetest? Do you have a favorite?

Why not share one of your most prized Dolls with other Wizards?

◈ Global Prized Doll Exhibition Event 


1. Event Period: 3/22 (Wed) ~ 4/11 (Tue) 14:59 UTC

2. How to Participate:

① Pick one of your most beloved Dolls, place it in the Shop, and then take a screenshot!

② Upload your screenshot to the [Flaunt your Favorite Doll] board!

③ Submit your post with the screenshot and a brief description of why you picked that Doll!


Please Note
STOVE Forum > My Info on the top right corner > STOVE Nickname Display Setting > Select Default Character
ㄴ You must designate a default character before participating in the event to receive the reward.


3. Event Reward 

All participants: GM Lizzy’s Gift Box x1 2★ Enhancement Material Box x3 

(GM Lizzy’s Gift Box will contain one item from the following:)

4. In-game Delivery and Winner Announcement Date: 4/18 (Tue) (Sent to your mailbox. Storage Period: 7 days)


[Please Note the Following!]

1) You must submit your post using the correct format to receive the reward.  

2) You must designate a default character before participating in the event to receive the reward.

3) You can participate only once per account. Duplicate entries will not be counted. 

4) You can participate in the event without logging in by going to In-game > Manage > News > Event banner.
     ㄴIf you need to log in, please go to In-game > Manage > Settings > Account Settings > Community and then try again. 

5) Please refer to the [Mobile UGC Support Policy] for more details.  

Please share as many lovely Dolls as possible!

GM Lizzy, signing off!

댓글 14
알림이 해제되었습니다.
This is my favorite doll!

My favorite doll is this black cat!

Still confused how to select my default character:(

🌸 Hello 🌸 

Just won today ! 

This is my favorite ! 🌸

Heures my most beloved doll Emy !! Despite the fact that I am new to the game, Emy is still my first doll, she holds a special in my heart and she fits my shop (even more now hehe)

I like him 'cause she's pretty

hes just a cute little bear (*´˘`*)♡

She's a cute little elf , how could you not love her(o≧▽≦)ノ

He’s a bag of coffee! How could you not love him?!

I love him,because he was so cute and the colours was so warm, also I love this season can have many fruits 

It was love at first sight...

But he still doesnt seem to feel the same for me, my honey bun ( ´◔‸◔`)

Adventurer Pine looks so cute with the foxes

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