12/31 (Sat) Update Notice

Magical Atelier

Magical Atelier
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12/31 (Sat) Update Notice

The Stylish Fantasy World!


This is GM Chris.

First and foremost, we wish you a Happy New Year! May 2023 be filled with joy!

As we celebrate the new year, Blue Ghost Costumes and Furniture will be added to Magical Atelier.

Please check out the limited special pack that will be available for 24 hours and the special benefits included in the Jnuary Merlin Pass in the patch notes below!

◈ Secret Servant Collection (5★)

- One set of Costumes will be added to K&Q Workshop, Probability Up Draw banner, and Craft Costume list on 12/31 after 15:00 UTC.


 Secret Servant Dyes

- Preview in all dye colors

 Secret Servant Costumes/Acquisition

 Soul Secret Room Collection (4~5)

- 1 One Furniture set will be added to K&Q Workshop, Draw banner, and Craft Furniture list on 12/31 after 15:00 UTC.

◈ Soul Secret Room Furniture Details

◈ Soul Secret Room Furniture Acquisition

※ Furniture marked with * cannot be obtained by drawing, but by crafting or purchasing the set.

◈ Costume & Furniture Set Effect Added

- 1-5★ “Marie” will be added as a new Doll on 12/31 after 15:00 UTC.

- With the addition of new Dolls, the probability of Dolls crafted with a particular ratio of materials will be adjusted. The probability of the Dolls’ Grade (1-4★) will remain unchanged.

- 1-4★ Dolls can be obtained at random by Crafting at the Doll Workshop.

- 5★ Dolls can be acquired from Collection.

- 4★ Pale Heart Marie will be guaranteed as a Merlin Pass (January) reward.

◈ Doll Set Effect Added

- One set effect related to “Marie” will be added.

 Limited Special Pack Sale  

1) Special Pack Details
- Sales Period: 12/31 15:00 UTC ~ 1/1 14:59 UTC (Only for 24 hours)

◈ Merlin Pass (January)

- Period: 12/31 15:00 ~ 1/31 14:59 UTC


1) Merlin Pass Special Benefits

- The special benefits will be applied immediately after purchase, lasting until the end of the Pass, and you will be able to obtain rewards as you complete each of the missions.

2) Merlin Pass Rewards

- You can claim the Merlin Pass Rewards up to 30 days after the sales period has ended.

◈ 4★ Pale Heart Marie Production Item & Probability Info

- 4★ Pale Heart Marie will produce one item from the list below.

◈ Celebrate the New Costume Updates! Probability Up 10x Draw Discount Event 

- Schedule: 12/31 15:00 ~ 1/31 14:59 UTC

- Details: 10% discount on 10x Premium Draw for the new Costume Set (1,000 Bucks → 900 Bucks)

- Target: Secret Servant Probability Up Costume Draw


 Changes to K&Q Workshop Costume Purchase

1. New Costume Banner

- Probability Up Draw and Craft Costume banner will be added on 12/31 after 15:00 UTC.

- [Secret Servant Costumes] Probability Up Draw / Craft Costume 


2. Removing of [Probability Up Draw] Banners

- Some Probability Up Draws will end and the Costumes from those banners will be added to the Special Premium Draw and Premium Draw list on 12/31 after 14:59 UTC.
- [Fish-Shaped Bun Café Costumes], [Tragic Lovers Costumes], [Mystery Detective Costumes] Probability Up Costume Draw

◈ Changes to K&Q Workshop Furniture Purchase

1. New Furniture Banner
- Furniture of the Month Draw and Craft Furniture banner will be added on 12/31 after 15:00 UTC.

- [Soul Secret Room] Set / Furniture of the Month [Soul Secret Room] Draw / Craft Furniture

2. Removing of [Furniture of the Month Draw] Banners

- A number of Furniture of the Month Draw and Furniture Set will end and their Furniture will be added to the Free Draw list on 12/31 after 14:59 UTC. 

- Furniture of the Month [Fairy Tale] / [Fairy Tale] Set, Furniture of the Month [Mystery Office] / [Mystery Office] Set

※ These Craft Furniture banners will remain in the Furniture Workshop, and the corresponding Furniture can be obtained by crafting.


 Changes to the Point Shop [K&Q Stamp Shop]
1. New Items
- More items that can be purchased with K&Q Stamps at the Point Shop will be added on 12/31 after 15:00 UTC.

2. End of Sale Items

- Certain items will be removed from the Point Shop on 12/31 after 14:59 UTC.

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