Happy New Year Special Hot Time

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Past Events


Past Events

Happy New Year Special Hot Time

The Stylish Fantasy World!

Hello, there! GM Lizzy dropping in!


We have prepared a ⏰Special Hot Time Event⏰ to celebrate Christmas and the New Year! 

Log in twice every day during the Hot Time period to receive a buff!

GM Lizzy wishes you a prosperous New Year! 🌟


◈ Event Details

- Event Period: 12/24/2022 (Sat) ~ 1/1/2023 (Sun)


◈ Detailed Schedule


(A) +20% chance to obtain 1-3 extra items from crafting

- Grants a 20% chance to obtain 1-3 extra items from crafting. 

- Once the buff is active, your chance of obtaining 1-3 extra crafted items will increase, but the probability of obtaining any of these products will remain the same.


(B) +20% Request EXP 

- Grants a 20% increase in EXP received after completing a Request. 

- Can be used simultaneously with other buffs.


(C) +20% Request Gold 

- Grants 20% more Gold as a reward for completing a Request. 

- Request Gold Scrolls and other Scrolls can be used simultaneously with this buff.


Thank you.

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