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Hello, Autumn Event [1]

  • 2022.09.21 09:00 (UTC+0)
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The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello, there! GM Lizzy dropping in!

To welcome Autumn, we have prepared a daily missions event for you!

Complete daily missions and receive rewards every day! Check out the details below!


 Event Details

- Event Period: 9/22 (Thu) 02:00 ~ 10/12 (Wed) 06:00 UTC
- How to Participate: Tap on [Event] in the Lobby screen, then on the [Hello, Autumn] banner.

◈ Hello, Autumn
Complete four daily missions during the event to receive rewards!

1) Check out the four mission details every day to receive daily rewards!
2) Completing a mission will activate the [Receive] button!
3) Tap on the activated button to receive the rewards in your mailbox! 

4) The missions will reset at 15:00 UTC every day, so don’t miss out!


※ All rewards from this event will be sent to your mailbox.
※ Please request a 1:1 Inquiry via [Customer Support] if you have any questions regarding the event.

※ Delivery of rewards is intermittent and may take up to 10 minutes.


That’s it for today! I’ll be back with more fun content soon!

GM Lizzy, signing off!

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