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9/21 (Wed) Update Notice

  • 2022.09.20 02:08 (UTC+0)
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The Stylish Fantasy World!


This is GM Chris.

The Royal Aromatique Costumes, full of fragrance, will be released on 9/21 after 15:00 UTC.

Check out the versatile Costumes in the patch notes below!

◈ Royal Aromatique Collection (4★)

- One set of Costumes will be added to K&Q Workshop, Probability Up Draw banner, and Craft Costume list on 9/21 after 15:00 UTC.

◈ Royal Aromatique Dyes
- Preview in all dye colors

◈ Royal Aromatique Costumes/Acquisition

 Changes to K&Q Workshop

1. New Costume Banner

- Probability Up Draw and Craft Costume banner will be added on 9/21 after 15:00 UTC.

- [Royal Aromatique Costumes] Probability Up Draw/Craft Costume

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