8/18 Maintenance Known Issues

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8/18 Maintenance Known Issues

The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello, this is the Magical Administration.

 Please see below for issues that have been detected following the 8/18 maintenance.

The issues listed below are scheduled to be fixed in a timely manner, and we will inform you about the next update in a separate announcement. 

◈ Issue

1) An issue where some of the unreleased costumes are exposed when entering the Craft Workshop in a certain way.
- Issue: Some of the unreleased costumes are exposed when entering the Craft Workshop by going into [Codex] - [Costume] - [3★ Costume Information].
※ The unreleased costumes cannot be crafted even if you have all the materials required to craft them. We will inform you of them with update notices once they are released.


We will do our best to resolve the issues listed above as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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