Temporary Maintenance to Resolve Summer Event Issues(Complete)

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Temporary Maintenance to Resolve Summer Event Issues(Complete)

The Stylish Fantasy World
Hello, this is the Magical Administration.

There will be temporary maintenance on 8/19 (Fri) to fix issues regarding the Summer Event.
Please refer to the information below.

◈ Temporary Maintenance Schedule Information
- Schedule: 8/19 (Fri) 05:00 ~ 06:20 UTC
※ The maintenance schedule is subject to change.
- Maintenance Compensation: Fast-Forward: 5 Min x25+Compass x5(~8/20 06:20)
ㄴ [Check the maintenance compensation table]

◈ Maintenance Content
- An issue where the Summer Event that was supposed to end with the last maintenance is still accessible in the game, will be fixed.
- Issue 1: Wizards can make Summer Event Costume / Furniture
- Issue 2: Wizards can visit Summer Event NPC rooms and have access to Summer Event Quests
- Issue 3: Wizards can purchase Beach Conch
- The duration of interrupted Scrolls will be extended by as much as the maintenance period will take.

※ Please Note
- Players will not be able to log into the game during the maintenance period
- If you’re playing as a Guest, please link your account to prevent losing your data
- We recommend you exit the game at a safe place since the items and Ranking Points you’ve acquired before the start of maintenance may not be applied.
- Please understand that the game will be forcibly terminated upon the start of maintenance.

We will conduct thorough maintenance so you can have an even better gameplay environment in Serentis.

Thank you.

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