8/18 (Thu) Routine Maintenance (Complete)

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8/18 (Thu) Routine Maintenance (Complete)

The Stylish Fantasy World
Hello, this is the Magical Administration.

A routine maintenance will be conducted on 8/18.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we will be back shortly.



 Maintenance & Compensation

- Schedule: 8/18 (Thu) 04:00 ~ 06:20 UTC

※ The maintenance period may be extended or shortened depending on the progress.

- Maintenance CompensationFast-Forward: 5 Min x40 + Compass x7(~8/19 06:20)

[Check the maintenance compensation table]

 Maintenance Summary

- August Routine Update Details [Click here to go]

- Resource download will begin once you log in after the maintenance has been completed.
- The duration of interrupted Scrolls will be extended by as much as time as the maintenance will take.


- Please understand that you cannot log in during maintenance due to safety reasons.
- If you’re playing as a Guest, PLEASE register and link your account to prevent losing your data.
- We recommend that you safely exit the game well before the maintenance begins, as the items and Ranking Points you acquire before the maintenance may not get saved or applied.
- Please understand that the game will be forcibly terminated in order to begin maintenance.


 When You Can't See the [Update] Button after the Maintenance

1. Open the [Google Play Store] app > Type [Magical Atelier] in the search bar and tap on the [Update] button on the Magical Atelier's app info page.

2. [Google Play Store] > Profile icon at the top > [Manage apps & device] > Check [Updates]

3. [Apps > Google Play > Delete cached files], then start Google Play Store again and check.



We will conduct thorough maintenance so that you may better enjoy your time in Serentis.


Thank you.

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