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[Login Reward] Exclusive Summer Event Costumes/Furniture Material Support

  • 2022.07.29 06:00 (UTC+0)
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The Stylish Fantasy World!

Hello there, Wizards! GM Lizzy dropping in!

GM Lizzy has prepared a Login Reward Event for our players!

Check out the event period below and be sure to log in on those dates!
 Event Details
- Schedule: 7/30 (Sat) ~ 8/14 (Sun)

- Rewards: Receive Login Rewards by logging in during the event period as shown below

- The Login Reward Boxes will be sent to your mailbox. (Storage Period: 7 days)



Login Reward 1
 (02:55 ~ 05:00, 10:55 ~ 13:00)

Login Reward 2


7/30 (Sat)

Login Reward Guaranteed during both Hot Time every day

Golden Sand (2022 Summer) x 35

 Beach Conch (2022 Summer) x 2


7/31 (Sun)

8/6 (Sat)

8/7 (Sun)

8/13 (Sat)

8/14 (Sun)

I hope everyone can make the Exclusive Summer Event Costumes within the event period!

Thanks a bunch! 

GM Lizzy, signing off!

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