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Exclusive Summer Costumes/Furniture Photo Shoot Event

The Stylish Fantasy World!
Hello, Wizards! It's me, GM Merlin, meow!

What a hot summer!
Magical Atelier is throwing an event where you can craft exclusive summer Costumes and Furniture!


Check the link below for more details!
[Summer Event Guide]!

Submit a photo shoot featuring the event-limited Sunset Island Costumes and/or Private Ocean Furniture to receive a gift from GM Merlin! ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ


■ Exclusive Summer Costumes/Furniture Photo Shoot Event
1. Event Period: 7/28 (Thu) ~ 8/23 (Tue) 14:59
2. How to Participate:
① Adorn your avatar/atelier with at least one of the exclusive summer event items, then do a photo shoot!
② Upload your screenshot to either the [Show Off (Your Avatar)] board or [Show Off (Your Atelier)] board accordingly!
③ Use either [Summer Costume] or [Summer Furniture] accordingly as the title!
④ Submit your post and voilà!

** Wait! That's not all! Here's a tip from Merlin! **

There are two parts to the Summer Costumes/Furniture Photo Shoot Event!

Please note that the items you can acquire during each period are different!

ㄴ Part 1: can be crafted between July and August (around 8/18) maintenance

ㄴ Part 2: can be crafted from 8/2 15:00 to the August maintenance (around 8/18)

Get your winning chances up by participating in both periods!

★Please Note★

STOVE Forum > My Info on the top right corner > STOVE Nickname Display Setting > Select Default Character
ㄴ You must designate a default character before participating in the event to receive the reward.

3. Event Reward: 

All participants: GM Lizzy’s Gift Box x1 + Compass x1

Winners (5 Wizards): Premium Ticket x500
(GM Lizzy’s Gift Box will contain one item from the following:)

4. In-game Delivery and Winner Announcement Date: 8/30 (Tue)

[Please Note the Following!]

1) You must submit your post using the correct format to receive the reward.
2) You must designate a default character before participating in the event to receive the reward.
3) You can participate only once per account. Duplicate entries will not be counted.
4) The reward will be sent to your mailbox on 8/30 (Tue). (Storage period: 7 days) 
5) You can participate in the event without logging in by going to In-game > Manage > News > Event banner.
ㄴIf you need to log in, please go to In-game > Manage > Settings > Account Settings > Community and then try again.
6) Please refer to the [Mobile UGC Support Policy] for more details.


I’m looking forward to all your meow-tiful photo shoots!
Stay cool, everyone! Ta-ta for now!

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