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Issue in which Unscheduled Items & Acquisition Details Have Been Exposed

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This is the Magical Administration.


On July 21 at 15:00 UTC, a number of unscheduled Costumes, Furniture, and Dolls, as well as their acquisition details have been exposed.


We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The items in question are scheduled to be released after the July 28 maintenance. We will inform you more about this matter in the July 26 patch notes. 



◈ Issue in which Unscheduled Items & Acquisition Details Have Been Exposed

- Issue 1 : Costumes, Furniture, and Dolls scheduled for release have been exposed in Collection and Codex.
- Issue 2 : When synthesizing 4★ Costumes, a Water Carnival Costume, scheduled for release, is randomly acquired.

- Issue 3 : Items scheduled for release can be acquired by crafting or purchasing from the Point Shop. 



Area of Exposure

Acquisition Details


4~5★ Water Garden


1. K&Q Workshop – Craft Furniture

2. Point Shop


5★ Water Carnival

1. K&Q Workshop – Craft Costumes
 2. Synthesize 4★ Costumes

3. Point Shop

Event Furniture

4★ Private Ocean


Event Costume

5★ Sunset Island



1~5★ Boo


※ After the July maintenance, the Event Furniture/Costumes Collection rewards will be modified.
※ After the July 28 maintenance, the Boo Doll Collection will expand from 4 types to 18 types, and the conditions for the rewards will be modified.



Thank you.

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