Please GM read this before it's too late!

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General Discussion


General Discussion

Please GM read this before it's too late! [5]

Help my friend problem account. His Acc got deleted by mistake from the game (not him).

He have make a report to you in the first 24 hours, but you guys seem like not respon to him as fast as you can.

Hope you read this GM. Help my friend Albuqueque, he spent a lot of money for this game and an super active player as well.

Help us, help my friend for a better service.

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Yet, you guys replied after ALMOST 2 DAYS when we posted the inquiry only 2-3 hours after the accident? It is truly disappointing for real. How does that makes sense, nobody wanted the accident to happen tho, right. Thats why we quickly reported it and hoped something can be done before its past 24 hours.

We don't expect "ROBOTS" to reply us very late and then no solutions / feedback that helps us afterwards. Sooner or later you will lose lots of loyal players if this kind of service goes on. I hope you guys noticed this threads and can restore the unwanted accident that happens. 

Sincerely, Quille from Asia Server (2/2)

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Dear all Beloved Magical Atelier team (Cs, GMs, Devs, etc), we're the guildmates of our Friend Albuqueque in this case. We are very active, we loved the game, and i believe most of us also spend quite a lot of time and money monthly (including me). This accident that happens to our friend may happen to us, and others also in the future.

I understand that the CS got so many things to do besides replying our complaints, but you REALLY NEED TO FIX YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SYSTEM AND THE PROBLEM SOLVING. You should have listed / prioritized which problem that are very CRITICAL / URGENT and needed to be responded / fixed QUICKLY, such as this ACCIDENTALLY DELETED ACCOUNT case that was "deleted forever after 24 hours". (1/2)

Now I do not feel like spending any money on this game anymore if this is how they treat their loyal paying customers. This might happen to me one day and they won't even care no matter how much money I already spent for them. I will still play the game because I love it but I won't support them financially anymore until they show some compassion for their players, starting by fixing this small and easy account re-linking problem.

#savealbu #rescuealbu


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Please GM read this before it's too late! [5]

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