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[Regular] COOL-BINGO Event

  • 2022.06.29 09:01 (UTC+0)
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The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello, there! GM Lizzy dropping in!


We have arranged COOL-BINGO, a refreshing event to cool off the summer heat!

Break the ice on the Bingo Card every day to receive various rewards! Please check out below for more details!




◈ Event Details

- Event Period: 6/30 (Thu) 02:00 ~ 7/13 (Wed) 06:00 UTC
- How to Participate: Tap on [Event] in the Lobby screen, then on the [COOL-BINGO] banner.

※ This is a screenshot from the testing stage, so the actual banner or text may differ in-game.


◈ EVENT #1: Bingo Ticket Missions
Complete 2 missions every day to receive a Bingo Ticket!

Use Bingo Tickets on the COOL-BINGO Card to obtain rewards!

Mission Details


Visit the Square 1 Time Every Day

Bingo Ticket x1

Complete 20 Requests

Bingo Ticket x1

1) Check out the mission details every day! 
2) Completing a mission will activate the [Receive Ticket] button!

3) Tap on the activated [Receive Ticket] button to receive Bingo Tickets to use on the COOL-BINGO Card!

4) Missions will reset at 15:00 UTC every day, so don’t miss out!

◈ EVENT #2: COOL-BINGO Card                                                        
Use Bingo Tickets to break the ice and receive selective rewards!
 The more Bingo you complete, the more Bingo Completion Bonus you will receive!




Fast-Forward: 5 Min x10


16-Color Dye Ticket x1


1★ Magical Yarn x3


Medium Doll Material Box x1


2★ Witches' Gem Box x1


Mini-Game Ticket x3


Commission Ticket x2


Gold x3,000


1★ Mushy Mallow Bolt x3


Black Market Extra Purchase Ticket x1


Small Furniture Material Box x1


16-Color Dye Ticket x1


1★ Chewy Jelly Button x3


Gold x3,000


Small Costume Material Box x1


Request Extra Help Ticket x1

1) Obtain Bingo Tickets to activate the [Break the Ice] button!
2) Tap on the activated button to use 1 Bingo Ticket and receive the reward inside the ice!

3) Breaking 4 blocks of ice horizontally, vertically, or diagonally will complete 1 line of Bingo!

◈ Event #3: Bingo Completion Bonus
Receive as many bonus rewards as the Bingo lines you complete on your Bingo Card!

1) Receive rewards for completing 1, 4, or 10 lines on your Bingo Card!
2) Completing 1, 4, or 10 lines will activate the [Claim Reward] button! Don’t forget to tap on it and claim your bonus reward!

◈ Event #4: Bingo Ticket Exchange
Exchange leftover Bingo Tickets for Compasses!

1) Once you’ve broken all of the ice blocks on the COOL-BINGO Card, you can exchange your leftover Bingo Tickets for Compasses!

2) Breaking all the ice blocks will cause the [Exchange Ticket] button to appear, and you will be able to exchange 1 Bingo Ticket for 1 Compass! (Tap on [Exchange Ticket] to exchange all of your remaining Bingo Tickets.)
 3) Unused Bingo Tickets will be removed at the end of the event period, so make sure to exchange them before it ends!

◈ Notes
※ All rewards from this event will be sent to your mailbox.
※ Please request a 1:1 Inquiry via [Customer Support] if you have any questions regarding the event.


That’s it for today! I’ll be back with more fun content soon!

Thanks a bunch! GM Lizzy, signing off!

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