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Guild Expeditions [2]


In order to make guilds are more fun experience, I suggest adding more features that pertains to it. Hence, guild expeditions!

There are many ways this could be done, however I have a suggestion for one way. 

It could be a feature where the guild will work together to take down "boss" material nodes. This "boss" can take the shape of huge trees, huge magical crystal clusters, big slimes or anything. Let your imagination run wild. There could be a set amount of bosses that fits the theme of each expedition area and then the bosses/area we will be up against will rotate on a weekly basis. The bosses will have a massive amount of "elemental HP" and each guild member will use their best team of 4 dolls to do as much damage to the boss(using similar mini game as during the daily expedition) within a certain amount of time and then as each guild member uses their turn to hit the boss, the HP of the boss will slowly go down until the guild defeats it for a reward of guild coins and victory points and contribution points(which will be added to the guild point ranking). 

So throughout the week, guilds will try to defeat as many bosses as possible they will have an increasing amount of HP with each boss you defeat. 

This system will make dolls more viable and also the system of being able to upgrade your dolls elemental energy in my other suggestion would make sense!

The system is inspired by a similar system they have in guild battles in cookie run kingdom and princess connect.

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    2022.06.12 02:50 (UTC+0)

    I really like this idea! I'm not sure how those games play, but it would increase the social aspect 
    Rather than energy though, I'd also like if it was tied to level, with element as a bonus on it.

    In Destiny Child they have world bosses where it's a similar system with each time a world boss dies, a higher level spawns. Before the end, the more that are defeated, the more rewards everyone gets, and I think that could be a lot of fun. It also lets everyone who joins in to get rewards rather than just the top guilds/whoever is strongest .

    Or have rewards tied to damage, so then people can always get more rewards as they level up.

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    2022.06.24 10:47 (UTC+0)

    Pienso lo mismo deben agradarle más protagonismo al juego en grupo,apoyo tu idea

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