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Improving Game Balance: Experience and Requests

The progression in this game is not linear, and for a game such as this one, that can be a bit of a problem. The current growth is logarithmic, but in an extreme way. Being able to gain multiple levels a day is viable until roughly level 50. Reducing rate of growth is acceptable in order to extend the playability of the game, however I believe it is too soon to use multiple methods to bottleneck progression.

Experience should also scale up along with level. It seems that the charm point level caps out the experience increase at 10%, but I believe that this should continually increase to offset the fact that players need to consistently craft low-level items for the sake of requests, and that when you need 400,000 experience to level with the maximum amount of experience you can get from a request at around level 55 is 2,000 and on average about 500, leveling starts to feel too daunting. 

I understand leveling scrolls are supposed to assist with this, but for free-to-play players, getting a 5% increase scroll is actually worthless. So rather than 800 turn-ins (assuming an average experience of 500) it's roughly 793 instead. It is absolutely worthless and not even worth using if you are trying to min-max gameplay. 

To solve this issue, I believe it is best to increase the experience buffs through charm points, and if charm points at level 50 would give a 50% increase in experience, it would still be balanced because the amount of experience you get from requests is so low in comparison to level. It would also encourage players to level their charm points with progression.

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