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Improving Game Balance: Resources

The items which are needed per recipe are terribly balanced. 

Items which need difficult to obtain items (ie. oil, fairy forest vines, yarn) are always items that are in demand through requests the most. This form of bottlenecking is not sustainable for the game's activity, especially when it comes to progression. Players should be able to progress in a steady and consistent way, but with this bottle neck of items it becomes near impossible to keep up with requests, particularly in the case with oil. As game developers, it also should not be relied upon expecting players to play the game in a specific way. 

For example, one and two star dolls are able to have a chance at producing oil, but players should not be expected to have a full shop of dolls to produce oil in order to keep up with demand. 

The worst period of balance is from about level 43 to level 49. The demand of items which require oil is so astronomical that it is near impossible to keep up with, and the increase of items which require it only serve to deepen the problem.

Additionally, rare items do not become easier to obtain at higher levels. The rate of acquisition remains the same, but the recipes which require them increase. Fairy Forest Vine for example is used in nine recipes according to the codex. Meanwhile a Phoenix Feather is only used in 3 according to the codex and is only needed to be used by fire and wind concentration witches. Players should not feel punished for choosing one element over another. 

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