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Guild Member Recruitment

【☆】 join STARFALL !

【 Welcome to STARFALL☆ ! 】 ༉‧₊˚✧

Starfall is a chill and casual guild that is open to anyone: new or experienced, witch or wizard, casual or hardcore!

☆ Minimum level required: 10!

☆ Minimum weekly donation requirement: 1,000

Unless otherwise discussed!

☆ 3-day activity check.

Unless otherwise discussed! If you are offline for 3+ days without prior notice, you may be kicked (especially if you also did not meet the donation minimum!)

☆ Currently, our goal is to stay top 50!

Last week we comfortably placed top 50 and we are on track to do the same this week! As of right now the guild is not full, but we are almost into top 10 in spite of that.

【 Thank you for reading and even if you don't join, feel free to say hi if we cross paths in the square! 】 ༉‧₊˚✧

✨ tl;dr✨ I am Kewpie in-game and the guild is called Starfall. We are a casual (but top 50 guild) looking to fill our member list! Please find me in-game if you have any questions!

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