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Known Issues Following the 5/19 Maintenance

The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello, this is the Magical Administration.

Please see below for the issues confirmed following the 5/19 maintenance.

The issues listed below are scheduled to be fixed during the next maintenance. 


◈ Issues

1) Issues when disassembling Costumes/Furniture
- An issue where, when disassembling Costumes and Furniture, sorting them by [Grade] in the selection screen does not work properly. (The filter works normally for items other than Costumes/Furniture.)
 - An issue where, when disassembling Furniture, their grade is not displayed in the selection screen.

2) Multiple purchases being made with multiple taps
- An issue where, upon tapping on products multiple times, multiple purchases are made without confirmation of purchase.
- Related content: Expanding Crafting Slots; Purchasing items from the Point Shop.
 ※ Please be advised and pay special attention when making purchases to prevent this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

3) Non-functional buttons in the Point Shop
- An issue where, after multiple purchases are made, some buttons become intermittently non-functional.
 ※ When this issue occurs, the buttons to craft Costumes/Furniture, move to the Square, and to log out of the game may also become non-functional.

4) Some magic items being excluded from the Customer Requests List
 - An issue where some magic items do not appear in the list of Customer Requests.

5) A different place being pre-selected for Dispatch
- An issue where a different place is selected for Dispatch, as opposed to where the Doll(s) were last dispatched.

6) Expedition loading screen not being displayed
An issue where, after tapping on [Start Expedition], the images in motion do not appear in the center of the Expedition loading screen. 



We will do our best to resolve the issues listed above as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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