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5/18 (Wed) Maintenance Notice [4]

The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello, this is Magical Administration.


There will be maintenance on May 18.

Please check the maintenance schedule so that you won't face inconvenience. 

We will come back better and improved after this brief break.

 Maintenance & Compensation

-  Schedule: 5/18 (Wed) 21:30 - 5/19 (Thu) 02:30 UTC

※ The maintenance time may be extended or shortened, depending on the progress.

- Maintenance Compensation: Fast-Forward: 10 Min x30+Compass x10 Daily Expedition Compass x2(~5/20 2:30 UTC)

 ㄴ[Check the maintenance compensation table]

 Maintenance Content

May Update Content

- Resource download will be conducted when you log in for the first time after the maintenance.

- The duration of Grimoire will be extended by as much as the maintenance time.


※ Please Note
- Please understand that you cannot log in during the maintenance due to safety reasons.
- If you’re playing as a Guest, PLEASE link the account to prevent losing the data.

- We recommend you exit the game at a safe place since the items and Ranking Points you’ve acquired before the start of maintenance may not be applied.
- Please understand that the game will be forcibly terminated upon the start of maintenance.


 When You Can't See the [Update] Button after the Maintenance

1) Start [Google Play Store] app > search [Magical Atelier] by typing it in the search bar and check the [Update] button on the Magical Atelier app info page

2) [Google Play Store] > Profile icon at the top > Manage apps & device] and check the [Updates]

3. [Apps > Google Play > Delete cached files], then start Google Play Store again to check


We will conduct a thorough maintenance

so you can enjoy more in Serentis.


Thank you.

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