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Mini-game: Working Dolls Issue

The Stylish Fantasy World

Hello. This is the Magical Administration.

 We have confirmed an intermittent issue where players encounter a game freeze while playing the mini-game, Working Dolls.

For the time being, until the issue is resolved, Suspicious Gift Factory will be replacing Working Dolls.
 Please see below for more information.


◈ Mini-game: Working Dolls Issue
- Issue 1: The score is not calculated when 3 or more matching blocks are aligned.

 - Issue 2: The game intermittently freezes when Issue 1 occurs.
 - Fix Schedule: To be announced

◈ Mini-game Rotation
- Starting from 5/16, mini-games A and B will be alternating every 2 weeks.


Mini-game 1

Mini-game 2 

Mini-game 3


Spirit Research Institute

Dream Melody

Suspicious Gift Factory


Suspicious Gift Factory

Sweet Lizzy

Materials Shop Cleanup


We will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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