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Best Villager Establishment Event [21]

The Stylish Fantasy World!
Hello, Wizards! It's me, GM Merlin, meow!

May is the purr-fect time to enjoy the warm sun!
 So why don't we visit other Serentis Villagers for a change?

 Vote for the villager establishment that captivates you and get a reward from GM Merlin, meow!

■ Best Villager Establishment Event 

1. Event Period: 5/4 (Wed) - 5/10 (Tue) 14:59 UTC
2. How to Participate:
① Look around the villager establishments below and vote for the one that captivates you!

1) Allen

2) Lizzy

3) Kiren

4) Chris

5) Alberto Visconti

6) Noah

7) Tiana de Briella




Best Villager Establishment Event

2022.05.11까지 ∙ 254명 참여 ∙ 익명

최대 1항목 선택 가능

  • 5.91%15표
  • 35.43%90표
  • 5.12%13표
  • 8.66%22표
  • 3.94%10표
  • 8.27%21표
  • 34.65%88표

★Please Note★

 STOVE Forum > My Info on the top right corner > STOVE Nickname Display Setting > Select Default Character 

 ㄴ You must designate a default character before participating in the event in order to receive the reward. 

 ㄴ [How to Designate a Default Character]

3. Event Reward: GM Lizzy’s Gift Box x1
 (You will obtain one item from the list below.)


4. In-game Delivery Date: 5/17 (Tue)

Please Note
1) You must submit your comment using the correct format to receive the reward.
2) You must designate a default character before participating in the event to receive the reward.
3) The event reward can be claimed only once per account. Duplicate entries will not be counted.
4) The reward will be sent to your mailbox on 5/17 (Tue). (Storage Period: 7 days)
5) Please refer to the [Event Regulations] for more details.

 I look forward to your participation, meow! Ta-ta for now!

Have a meow-tiful day, everyone!

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